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19 March

Thanks for your interesting email.  

You will remember Teresa who I married in 1962 in Rustington.  She had ovarian cancer removed in 2000 and chemo affected her feet hence wheelchair, Have renewed parking badge - ten pages of detail including severe arthritis.   Not needed on the form is her diverticulum, a variation of this in the lower throat.  It's like a hernia and results in a pouch which fills with food here.  I mince all her food.

More about prof here and world work here.  More about Michael Flagg's book here.

We had two horses in Scotland - 1977 - 1983.



For Thelma                                                                                                                                                              18 March

It was good to talk after so long. Do let me know more about your life.

This may be your first dedicated page on a website, albeit a hidden page.

As said on the phone, I'm a carer and, hence, this website.  Have chosen it to indicate what I'm doing these days. Find it via in your browser.

My current project is here.

Most of my computer time until Jan last year was taken up with Gastronomy and writing articles such as these. Probably no more as there is the possibility of a new editor.

Our other time includes motorhome activity, often of this type. 

That's enough for now.

Best wishes.


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