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Bible reading sessions    

Email 1 4 2014   to former Bishop AP 

It would be appreciated if Teresa could participate in Bible reading sessions.

Perhaps once a week, at first, it may be best if someone or more than one could visit her at home.  As the weather improves, it is hoped that Teresa will venture out more than at present.  Having a good reason for going out will improve her wellbeing.

However, her health is deteriorating and every reason possible is tried in the endeavour to widen her interests.  Let’s hope this request helps.

I trust something will be arranged soon.  Teresa misses her Christian interaction a great deal.

With many thanks for your continuing support.

Best wishes.


19 Sept 2015

For the last three years there has been a variety of vicars and now a former bishop giving her monthly communion.  There has been a signal failure for anything in response to my request for her to be involved in a Bible reading group within Ross.  There has been no response from the Curate of the main church. 

Saw main minister c 2 Sept before her departure for a year's sabbatical.  Nothing done until 19 Sept.  Communion coming soon via the said Curate.  Email to him sent 20 Sept below 

Email to Curate 20 Sept 2015

Link to this page included.

Thank you for both calls.  We look forward to Tuesday at 1100.

Presuming emails to Sarah Jones are being dealt with, in the absence of a web-link to an address for you, hers is used.

I have already asked AP re the loneliness conference here.   He has declined to help me in arranging a subsequent conference [request at top of page] to be planned for carers to include carers dealing with Bible loneliness.  

I am no believer within your interpretation and a firm believer in the aim of finding out what the Church is doing to help carees and carers across the UK.  The conference would include what is happening and planned for the future in this county and nationally.  My suspicion is that it is not doing enough but hope to be disproved.  I could find nothing in the conference summary relating to carers or carees.

My definition of Bible loneliness includes the notion of families and their friends who are not believers within your interpretation wherein one family member is a firm believer within your interpretation.  Teresa is one such person.  She would not be named within a conference.  


Your call yesterday was timely.  Thanks for suggesting you will contact the existing Bible group.  Overnight thought has led me to suggest that if all else fails, the evening sessions should be tried.  However, Teresa would be unable to travel in the winter.  Besides, she'd be too tired and she starts the bedtime routine at 7.  

Last Sunday, I thought there was a service at Brampton Primary School at 1115.  I checked at 1030 and no signs of activity.  Teresa was ready to go so I phoned numerous numbers on the St M website.  That resulted in finding out about Sollers Hope Church.  The satnav ensured we would arrive later than planned.

I later realised that a service was scheduled for today.  You kindly advised me yesterday about Brampton VIllage Hall.  Teresa was unable to travel so I went alone.  Caroline kindly let me speak to the congregation and I introduced the Bible-loneliness theme.  I left after asking people to explore arranging a Bible session here in Greytree on occasional weekday afternoons.


" I am determined to explore a Hereford Diocese conference on AND FOR informal carers.  You are my only contact.  Please could you kindly find out about conference organisation and put me touch with the right person." source 

That was addressed to AP and it is a pity he doesn't want to be involved.  I could contact the Bishop's office.  However, I have other ideas. 

A dimension of my career has been staff development for those who were my responsibility.  I imagine you have ambition.  Why not take on the mantle of conference project viability investigator?  That would put you in line for the conference organiser role.  The overlap spin-off includes St M.  I'm sure SJ will be proud of what might have happened on her return.

Of course, I am available to help.

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