An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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1  Aim of page

To explore potential for TDH to interact with students in the main context of her primary education experience and in the sub-context of her moderate dementia.

2  Broad info

TDH was born in 1936, completed a two-year full time primary teacher training course at Bath TTC c 1954, and taught full time in primary education, mainly the reception classes, until 1969.  She worked in a hospital children's ward for eight years from 1989.  The work was educationally based.

Some constraints are shown on the Health summary page here.  They are mainly connected to her immobility and reduced memory. However, it may be worth conducting an initial interaction.  TDH is able to talk about her experience with the right cues.

She loves being with small children and interacts favourably with them.  She would be able to respond to small groups of U of W students.

3  Reasons for the enquiry

We met LW in her capacity as waitress in Hereford.  She told us about her course and an interesting but brief discussion  prompted me to suggest interaction between TDH and your students.

4  Meeting

Although short notice, perhaps someone could meet me for a brief initial chat on Tuesday 21 March while this this is in progress.

With best wishes

Alan F Harrison