An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                         I know how Enid feels. Luckily, I'm not so afflicted.

Teresa has semantic dementia.  People often complete her sentences.  Luckily, Teresa doesn't get het up.  More later

Intro to Researcher's Booklet - People with Dementia page 2 of 2 here.

A     Saturday 28 May 2016 starting at 1930


The main aim this morning was to take Teresa to a van show in Malvern.  I hope to rekindle her love of our times in motorhomes (ended a year ago with her inoperable hip socket problem), and now - via a day-van.  


Seldom, very seldom, do I put my foot down so we stayed at home on a glorious day weather-wise.


My DIY is done in short bursts due to forever checking and being with Teresa.  Some of the morning spent dealing with U-tube tighteners  seen on the About Wheelchairs Home page here.


All my computing was done in the study up to three years ago.  A lot of the gear since, is in the sitting room.  


The afternoon was spent sitting with Teresa, talking about her sit-coms etc she watches, and writing the Researcher's Booklet - People with Dementia page 1 of 2 here.  

6 The evening carer comes at 7 30 and goes at 8. I then sit with Teresa with an Ipad -  songs and music here.


At 8 30, I'm back on track.  Bed 1130.

B   Sunday 29 May 


Early start - commode 0545 - 0630.  Yes, Teresa takes such time throughout  the day.  I have developed patience etc as the years go by.  Assuming she could answer, were Teresa asked questions such as 17 to 19 on p 26 of her booklet (euphemism), she'd agree.  She has spent a lifetime minimising self-perceived disruption etc to the lives of other people.  More in discussion.


0630 - She has tea and porridge in bed after whatever time the commode routine ends.  I join her at the end of the bed.

At 0700, I started another day doing these pages.  

0730 - two hours start to Teresa's bathroom saga ending when the Sunday dom-carer arrives for 30 mins (half an hour earlier than ten due to our departure for church).  Teresa not well enough to go.


A1 hopes dashed so just carried on as usual.  Worked a la  A5 until lunch prep 1230.


A1 gently put to Teresa again and we left at 1430.  Back at five and evening routine started.  She was glad we went.

8 30 ended song session and restarted this page.

Rest of evening here.  Bed at 1030.

C   Bank Hol


0450 to 0520 commode routine.  Back to sleep until 0700 alarm.


Morning messing about in the garden.  Afternoon - garden centre with Rachel and husband for flower-bed in front of Teresa in sitting room.  


Much more messy messing about.  Sewer blocked.  Two hours to rectify.  See my booklet p 14 and ten sheets of toilet paper.  Insufficient space to relate more.  It's 10 sheets times x where x starts at 2 and can go to 5.  More with dire-rear not in medical books which she has occasionally.  I finally skated round the 10 sheets issue in the blockage context and Teresa replied that it isn't her fault.  "I don't use 10 sheets."  The bathroom is next to the loo and I hear her counting the sheets.

It isn't her fault, of course.  She is beyond understanding such situations.  

In most houses, there wouldn't be a problem.  Our bungalow is different.  The run from loo to the next inspection chamber is 30 ft.  At that point the flow is normal.  However, the drop within the 30 ft run is about a foot.  Very shallow and stuff mounts up if not inspected regularly.  Next inspection per calendar is mid-June.  

There are loos which crunch the output.  More DIY.

And where does all that fit into a research project?

Evening - more on this project.  Looking forward to Wednesday and discussion.

Clock off 2307.

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