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This page supplements the response given on my wife's behalf to the questions within the Researcher's Booklet - People with Dementia

As mentioned in an email - do proceed but in 20 mins-max sessions.  

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12 - Co-morbidities        TDH (Mrs) - Medication list and medical history here

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Half way down - "I would like ... the following subjects (name subjects)."  Ditto foot of page.  

What?  All 16!  Twice doesn't make it any easier.  

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This is a tangle.  The topics seem to be dealt with by the questions on pp 18 & 19 leaving out mention of poor, fair good, excellent but asking for x/10.

Pages 11 - 13

As you see, few answers.  

How often have you felt:

I'd find the negative Qs difficult not to ask "Why?" etc.

Page 17

I couldn't ask Teresa Qs 3  4  5  7  8  10 11 12.

Page 21

I couldn't ask Teresa any of the Qs.  

Page 22

I could only ask Teresa      Do I  .. ?  re Qs 12  13  15  16  18  19  

I could only ask Teresa     Do our daughters ....?  re QS  8  9  15  

Page 24

How does the scoring cope with "I am severely anxious but not depressed." etc?

overall health  -  this the third Q.  (Page 7, Q 5)  Page 13.

Page 25


Teresa has FTD including semantic dementia.  People generally complete her sentences.  However, the fact that too many professionals do appalls me.  Volunteers, some with related training, also.

2 & 3

The same talk to me as if Teresa wasn't there.  9/10 I say nothing, smile and point.


And while I'm at it, I've already said that most people and professionals can't pronounce Teresa.  Within the focus on mental health etc, this is unacceptable.  Even after explaining quietly and politely, some then turn to her beginning with  "Tereesa".

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I'd find Qs 17 to 20 difficult not to ask "Why?" etc.

Two points of interest

How many pages will Teresa manage?

How well do I know my wife?


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