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Operating family-produced tests                                 mid Nov 2015 

  1. The questions are not meant to be in difficulty-order

  2. The wording is spread according to bites or chunks of any quotation 

  3. The bites or chunks of the quotations vary in extent and format [text, lyrics, hummed, sung, tapped, played on guitar, ukulele, harmonica] 

  4. The tests will demonstrate progressive minor complexity in several cases, with increased complexity within some subsequent tests

  5. Arbitrary scores at the present early stage 

  6. Records to be kept re scores per date  and per learning

  7. Song and music sessions take place often in the early morning and occasionally during the day  

  8. Seldom will there be whole tests run as units

  9.  Update 24   Feb 2016 - the day has been re-ordered with the session from 2000 to 2030   However, mini-    testing continues as and when  during most days without records being kept.  

  10. Test items generally are intermittent and sometimes of the order - "Lets listen to 'Coming round the .... [sung] Oh, I can't think!' with the aim of eliciting the completion of the title or phrase of the occasion.

  11. I repeat various quotations with or without melody from a wide range of topics from time to time in the hope that my wife will add to them.  Today [27 Feb 2016] I absent-mindlessly hummed a tune and she said she didn't like it.  I asked her what it was about.  She said it was         Ghost riders in the sky    which surprised me.

  12. See tests to date via the Family-produced tests Home page here

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