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Your caree suffers from FTD and you in normal conversation and only occasionally, include random questions etc.  No pressure is placed on your caree, who if faltering or cannot respond etc, is reassured that it doesn't matter.  Words, music, song, pun and fun have dominated your life-time together since 1961. 

You make a mental note of the latest question etc and record the result without your caree knowing.  



They are termed Person-centred Tests here as that is the term used in the trade.  I prefer Person-centred Evaluations.  There's a better sense of seeing the whole caree.  Shaping the session to the person rather than shaping the person to the paperwork in the form of standard tests.  They have their place.  My work personalises the experience.

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Family-produced tests Home page here

Dementia reminiscence activities here to be analysed 

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Six-item Cognitive Impairment Test (6CIT) here

You or your caree can work through tests like this and the ones I have created [write your own!] irrespective of suffering from FTD.  Make them into enjoyable activites by doing bits at a time (not the 6CIT one as it's so short).  Once what you want has been extracted, supplement with a short question or comment relating to your life together.  Enjoy a brief Q&A session including caree asking you Qs.  Encourage anecdote.

5 March 2016

Reading an online discussion about FTD here.  You need to register/login here participate.

Impersonalisation demonstrated

Letter to caree 16 March 2015 here

Non-person-centred Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here.  My contribution reduced the impersonalisation.


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