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Proprietary Dementia Reminiscence Activities - Happy Days

My wife Teresa received a surgery dementia assessment in October 2105 subsequent to confirmation in Nov 2014.  The deal included a flu jab.

Dr L, our highly competent and humorous GP kindly told us we are due some £ as the Council reduces Council Tax if there is someone in the house with a memory etc impairment.  5 March 2016 c £300 included wheelchair aspects

At the end, he turned left down the corridor and I had pushed Teresa 3/4 the way to the exit to the right.

Then came

"What about my flu jab?!!"

I said to Dr L

"She should have done the assessment!"

His eyes twinkled as he said "Agreed!"

He had been pleased to see the "My Family" sheet below and the two family sheets:

Introductory test here

The G&S test here

We look at Happy Days material now.

Happy Days at the Care and Dementia Show here.

The rest of the page gives info unsuitable for general readership.

1  Teresa would have been able to write docile up to 15 months ago ie summer 2014

Here are some of the Happy Days cards from 

Time to Chat – Interesting Places – Large Images

on the Conversation Prompts page here.

Happy Days has been asked for better images.   

Some of the captions have been removed.  If you caree doesn't recognise, say, the Taj Mahal or the picnic basket, you can prompt.  Elicit is better. 

Recognising the Colosseum if you suffer from dementia or similar has a lot to do with having been there.  I think it's best not to put that word on the card.  

"Remember these?" is good.  My wife spent half her childhood in one on Weymouth Beach.  You'll see where she lived later.

She has always hated fairgrounds, dodgems even more.


"Have you strolled along a . . . . . . .?"  is better than saying what it is.  Plenty of emphasis on beaches within the cards.

"Where might this be?" is fine but don't say it's a canal boat.  My wife's memory of the holiday here is interesting. What will it be like in three months time?  

And that's a reminder to use photos taken at the time in any of these sessions.

Earlier, "etc" was used to point out the wider use of this dementia material.  


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