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 T D H’s Medical History - main aspects

05 May 2015


Throat problems


Last appointment: 5 March 2013

Difficulty swallowing.
In the oesophagus there is a diverticulum -  ie a pouch which get food caught in it and causes pain and discomfort.

Cheltenham Hospital

Prof H prepares all her meals and most require a food processor to reduce them to puree.


Consultant : Prof Brown


Sometimes confused with diverticulum and vice versa.  Causes bowel trouble – constipation, diarrhorrea and bad stomach pains.

Colonoscopy test performed a few years ago after years of bowel trouble, and diverticulitis diagnosed





Chest pain – needs to take a tablet under the tongue.  Mrs H had a heart attack in 1980.



High blood pressure



Daily medication taken for high blood pressure and should have blood pressure checked every few months.



Heart Attack



1980 – Heart attack brought on by stress and very cold weather in Scotland.

Aged only 43

Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh


Ovarian Cancer

Mr Robertshaw


Operation in Nov 2000 - hysterectomy to remove womb and ovaries.

Six months of chemotherapy in 2001 at Kent and Canterbury Hospital

A component of the chemo affected her feet and Mrs H has used a wheelchair since.

Hip Replacement



April 1995

Horder Centre, Crowborough Hospital


Borderline Diabetes




Admission to Hereford County Hospital on 13th Nov 2014

Replacement right hip/thigh-bone in 1995.  Pain started several months ago and had reached crisis point on Weds 5 Nov 2014 when our GP was called.  Xray requested.  

On Thurs 13 Nov 2014, it was evident by the extra pain that the hip joint and in her right foot had worsened.  I phoned the surgery and a GP said call an ambulance.  T 

Mrs H was admitted to Hereford County Hospital in the night of 13 – 14 Nov 2014 ((( more here)))  and was in Hereford Hospital for three weeks then transferred to Ross Community Hospital for two weeks then discharged on 19th December 2014. 


04.05.15 Update on Hip and Mobility

Mrs H is at home and in terrible pain in her hip right down her right leg to her feet and she cannot walk at all and has to use a wheelchair everywhere and she can hardly stand for more than a minute.  She cannot have surgery on her hip because she has been told by the GP that she would not survive the operation so she’ll have to carry on for the rest of her life as she is.  

Mrs H is extremely dependent on her husband who is her main carer.   Carers come every day to help her and on Wednesday afternoons, a carer looks after her so Prof H can have a break.  Her two daughters also come and help and sit with her so Prof H can go out.

12.03.15  Diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia

Document to be enclosed

12 03 15

Ortho Appointments

April 2015 - Mr Yusef  - Hereford Hospital

14 April 2015   Mr Paliobeis  ditto

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