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 my wife is looking forward to making new friends 

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As we meet more staff, we say more thank-yous.  

Mrs Harrison comes from an illustrious family.  If you ask questions and make comment, it helps her in the onset dementia situation.  The Alexander website is here.  Her father was Dr Alexander.  Cecil Frances Alexander wrote hymns such as "There is a green hIll far away".  Conel Hugh O'Donel Alexander was at Bletchley Park and took over from Alan Turin of "The Imitation Game".  Mrs Harrison knows a lot about him.  Robert Alexander OBE is a nephew.  The link to him does not work.


Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to hotel full board     

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Read some background on this page:

Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to lunch  here 

A key comment from the page:

"Looking for a higher level of cuisine than pie, mash and peas."


Mrs H only eats porridge made from fine oats + fruit for breakfast.  

Breakfast for me please bring with the above.  I will advise nearer the time.

We both require tea.

Mrs H is subject to a wide range of pills and is up every night for an hour or more.  Her rate of getting ready for the day is variable and she won't see her regular carer.  Of course, I will be acting in that capacity.   The uncertainty factor  rules out ordering a carer for a specific time.

Please ensure that staff know that I will phone to say when to bring breakfast.  Any time between 7.30 and 9.30. Half an hour notice will be given. 


When we require a main meal, normally, it will only be lunch.  

We have a light meal at 6pm comprising drop scones and guacamole, yogurt, fruit.   Grilled mushroom or scrambled eggs alternately for Mrs H.  I have 
yogurt, fruit, grilled mushroom or scrambled eggs alternately, brown rolls, salad of beet, olives and Piccolo tomatoes.  

We will revise our meal needs according to your broad provision.  Your website here offers light snacks.  Please ask the chef to see what can be prepared from the 6pm list.


The sample menu offers Roast Leg of Lamb served with potatoes, cabbage and fresh carrots

"Good if the meat other than fine mince can be blended with the veg.  Most of all is the need for plenty of smooth, thick gravy without veg etc bits." here

 As it says, "Well-cooked and then mashed broccoli is a good veg.  Carrots are not."  That means that the broccoli has not been made into puree.  It also means that the carrots would not be  blended with the veg .   Discretion on the part of chef, will, I am sure,will bring success.  


I hope to improve upon the testimonial ""Everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful. I've been on three cruises and your food has been far more suitable for me and excellent choice too."