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Update 11 Sept                      my wife is looking forward to  IS  has made more new friends  

Thanks here - more later.


Update 10 Sept 

We have been to the Atlantic Hotel for lunch today and yesterday.  Had looked at the local British Legion website which says (wrongly, it turns out) the Branch meets at the hotel.  A possible result from talking to Aran the bar manager is here.  If anything does result, we'll make a booking for that weekend.  If it doesn't, we'll make a booking some other time.  Anyone with contact with the local BL please do email me via here.  Apparently, there hasn't been a parade for fifteen years.

Two of my bagpipe compositions I played tonight are here and here.

It's gone 2320 so final thanks will be written tomorrow.  We leave after lunch and will be there for lunch.

Tonight's  meal didn't go to plan.  Thanks to V for her help.

Update 8 Sept         

Front desk staff to expect package on 9 Sept- info at Tango Quickie Wheelchair page It came on 10 Sept and see thanks here 

0800 - last night (4 times up but coped without calling the cavalry) tried to make a hot drink - nothing to drink out of.  A young female took a wheelbarrow full of crockery and a burnt saucepan yesterday and she's not been seen since.

0810  Purely as an experiment, could the first reader contact the Cups Dept please?  I can easily walk down to the dining room and get two cups but can wait.  When I was Director of the Edinburgh Hotel School, I was kenned as "the bider" now and then. 

0855  Re-checked the cupboards.  Glad we not self-catering.  There's frying pans which need binning.  A milk pan should follow.  

0905  The Twix TV adverts.  Just trying to help. Look on me as a packet of Twix.  The right side wants everything right for the hotel.  The left side is left in admiration of all staff and all I say on the public page - Day 2 of this stay, in particular here.  

1015 - caught red-handed!  Came out of dining-room with two cups and bottle of milk, straight into the arms of carers E and T.

1020  Something needs to be done about the alarms.  When someone presses the call button, it also rings in the flat.  When you are in the middle of sleep during a spell of four times being up in the night, the last thing you want is a buzzer in the bedroom.


A very interesting session in the flat being shown lifting aids by Chris and staff.  It is frustrating to realise that care professionals at home have not shown us such equipment."  That text is from the public page here.

Update 7 Sept 

This comment covers tonight's meal.  Things really have improved and thanks to all concerned. Went down to the kitchen and thanked M.

Tuesday lunch - no thanks. 


I asked one guest today about a similar hotel she'd stayed at in Southampton and what the food is like.  "Awful" she replied.  A quick look suggests it may be  here.  If I am to be objective in the long run, a comparison needs to be made.  It won't involve Netley.

Update 6 Sept - 20:57

Good progress re the evening meal and thanks to all concerned.

So many staff caring about Teresa and her condition has led me to reveal the page here  However, nobody is to ask her about anything they read there.  Most of all - nobody should ask questions about her personal life.

Update 5 Sept  

See Dinner update and red text everywhere.



Teresa is pronounced T'rayza as in Mother Teresa and NOT T'reeza - please.  Please ask duty manager for the link to the Glamorgan Holiday Hotel Staff page.  Text was here but now you have it before you.   

As we meet more staff, we say more thank-yous.  


Disabled person needing services relating to hotel full board     


Read some background on this page:

Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to lunch  

A key comment from the page:

"Looking for a higher level of cuisine than pie, mash and peas." see  
Update 6 September 2015 here 



Mrs H only eats porridge made from fine oats + fruit for breakfast. Mandarins (canned) are a favourite. 

Breakfast for me please bring with the above.  I will advise nearer the time.  At most one piece of toast.  No toast and no sausage thanks.

We both require early morning tea. Made in the flat.

Mrs H is subject to a wide range of pills and is up every night for an hour or more.  Her rate of getting ready for the day is variable and she won't see her regular carer.  Of course, I will be acting in that capacity.   It's such a relief to have respite, thanks.  The uncertainty factor  rules out ordering a carer for a specific time.



Using the website dinner menu, lunch should be based on the following, please:

The sample menu offers Roast Leg of Lamb served with potatoes, cabbage and fresh carrots

"Good if the meat other than fine mince can be blended with the veg.  Most of all is the need for plenty of smooth, thick gravy without veg etc bits." here

A few staff re the gravy say   "But it's in with the meat."  The word hasn't reached  them yet. 

 As it says, "Well-cooked and then mashed broccoli is a good veg.  Carrots are not."  That means that the broccoli has not been made into puree.  It also means that the carrots would not be  blended with the veg .   Discretion on the part of chef, will, I am sure,will bring success.  


We hope to have a light meal at 6pm comprising toasted and still warm drop scones and cold guacamole, yogurt, fruit.   Grilled mushroom or scrambled eggs alternately for Mrs H.  

Update 5 Aug Needed to remind re eggs.  Haven't seen any mushrooms yet. - 6 sept yes -  A few staff re the gravy at lunchtime say   "But it's in with the meat."  The word hasn't reached  them yet. 

I have said nothing about straight-from-the-packet-scones so far as dining room has been full.  Tonight, asked for them hot.  6 sept yes - warm

All that said, we are still very much enjoying our stay.

I have yogurt, fruit, grilled mushroom or scrambled eggs/or omelette alternately, brown rolls RARE , salad of beet [no vinegar], olives and Piccolo tomatoes.  Not seen yet.  6 sept yes - all but beet but no matter

We hope to have soup.  Mrs H enjoys chicken noodle soup every day - supermarket packets.

The meals on our first stay generally were good.  Things went wrong the last evening due to lack of communication within the hotel.

The meals on this our second stay are OK for my wife but, at times, it is somewhat trying when I reflect on the amount of effort I need to make to ensure she has a good meal.  Congratulations to staff who can see what the overall situation is - my wife has throat problems and can't eat normal food.  The staff who I discuss the meals on any specific day with who do not have enough information need not worry at all.  As I say enough times around and about, we enjoy our time here.  I say that enough times "in print" here.


I hope to improve upon the testimonial ""Everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful. I've been on three cruises and your food has been far more suitable for me and excellent choice too."   

Update 5 Aug - happy to enthuse re wife's food.  Update 6 September 2015 here 

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