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Teresa is pronounced T'rayza as in Mother Teresa and NOT T'reeza - please.  Too many people cannot cope with this request for more than five minutes.  They include people working within caree/carer support provision which is appalling.


Teresa has onset dementia which is not detectable at first by most people.  She is fine in general conversation. Once detail is needed, I step in as appropriate. 

A caree assessment took place very recently.  Towards the end of an hour of interrogation, she came out with; 

  1. not being in waterproof pants when, earlier in the day, they had been renewed
  2. having had a good night's sleep when, as typically, I gave her morphine and other help taking an hour.  This can occur any time between 0100 to 0700 during 7/7
  3. she is able to get into bed unaided - she had forgotten that I had damaged my back in this very task which takes place more than twice each day/night


She is a very sociable person and there is not much opportunity for her to be with people.  We have enjoyed two holidays here and she most of all liked chatting to others with varying disability.


Teresa is very religious.  Dietician needs no info but other readers might - here    


Teresa is 100% dependent upon wheelchairs for her mobility.  A community physio is helping her to increase ability to walk  less than one step at present..

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