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Teresa Harrison                                                                     20 April 2007                                 hidden page



Teresa died at 0100 on 22 April.

  1. The purpose of this page is to inform a narrow range of readers that Teresa is not expected to live much longer.

  2. Although there will be updates, there will be no further email notification.

  3. While visiting Worcester two weeks ago, Teresa had been her normal self but felt ill.  I took her to the A&E where she stayed three nights.  She was diagnosed with stroke and seizure. There followed a period of lower stability and she was able to communicate and eat normally.  

  4. At 0330 on Easter Sunday, she went to Hereford A&E.  There was nothing that appeared to be worse and she came out at 1230 the same day.

  5. Teresa has refused food and drink since Sunday. Two days ago she was able to communicate minimally. Since 20 April,  not at all.

  6. Our GP has said that this is to be expected within end of life situation

  7. Yesterday she was semiconscious and it was a further day having not eaten and opened her eyes all day.  She is receiving Hospice at Home care  

  8. I hope that you will understand that I and the family would like to be left in complete privacy at this time. 

  9. All email recipients are asked to keep any email reply to one short paragraph.  Two days ago, someone phoned to tell me about end of life care she gave to her deceased father.  It took 10 minutes but seemed like twenty.

  10. Please do not text or phone (unless special interaction prevails) as there is so much going on at present.  That includes pairs of dom-care staff coming three times a day for an hour at a time.  The phone is in greater use than normal. 

  11. Regard this page as personal to you.  If you know me via a committee etc, please ask if you want to inform others.  Please give my apologies when absent.

  12. Any change in Teresa's situation and other information will only be via this page.

With best wishes.

Alan Harrison

pagetop      Teresa Harrison 20 April 2017 here

                   Health summary June 2016  here    " her normal self" in item 5 means a very frail person then. 

Family and close friends are grateful that Teresa has been spared the worst aspects of dementia.