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TDH nutrition        hidden page    page created 18 Sept 2015 for dietician session 25 Sept at R C Hospital

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  1. Hip-socket failure
  2. Medical-matters and a few food solutions
  3. Every-day food
  4. Dietary advice needed
  5. Adult Wellbeing
  6. Addendum

1  Hip-socket failure

TDH was in hospital from mid-Nov to late Dec 2014 with hip-socket failure.  59 kg in - 52 kg out.  Has stayed at the latter weight as confirmed in June and early Sept.

2  Medical-matters and a few food solutions

TDH (Mrs) - Medication list and medical history here

Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to lunch  here 

3   Every-day food


The focus is oesophageal  diverticulum  and needs most food in puree form. source


The new-food situation arose in mid 2013.  I have been preparing our food since my wife first needed a wheelchair [more at No. 6 here].  


By 2013, my wife's list of ailments had grown.  Increasing demands made on me in the kitchen led me to recruit help from the company providing daily carers.  Two women were sent consecutively but not to be trusted to boil eggs.  

3.4      Then and now

3.4.1    Breakfast - porridge made from fine oats + fruit. Mandarins (canned) are a favourite. 

3.4.2    From mid 2013 until mid 2015, my wife's lunch comprised, mainly, supermarket mashed potatoes, tinned veg            and baby food flavoured with Bovril.  The dietician is asked not to mention baby food.  

            Please call it  proprietary main-course puree food. There must be adult alternatives. 

3.4.3    Usually a light meal at 6pm comprising packet soup, toasted drop scones and guacamole, yogurt, fruit, jelly.               Grilled mushroom or scrambled eggs.  

3.5  Now


As above where 3.4.2 = carer prepares potatoes and fresh veg  and I cook and serve most days but still with baby food flavoured with Bovril 33% of mid day meals.  The rest include supermarket cottage pie, tinned mince, fresh fish [at blue moon lunchtimes], the odd lazagne packet whizzed.  


Bearing in mind that my Weds afternoon respite time is mostly spent with a long shopping list to guide me, it is only in the last three weeks that a lot of the food comes from Waitrose.   Wife's menu has improved with, examples,  spinach canneloni, whizzed chicken Kiev, cottage pie.  Such items are at the high price level of the range and certainly look and taste better than other supermarket items.   

4   Dietary advice needed

The main aim is to eliminate the baby food flavoured with Bovril.  The dietician is asked not to mention baby food.  Please call it proprietary main-course puree food 

Encouragement needed [I know I shouldn't need it] to increase the extent of fresh produce and more properly-cooked main courses.

5  Adult Wellbeing

Wife had an assessment during which there was brief mention of kitchen help.  I wonder if the dietician could discuss some of the points made here with AW - detail in the email.  I don't have the time or energy to recruit kitchen help.  Experience from the previous attempts means stipulating that anyone sent to help should be tested elsewhere.  

6  Addendum - my diet

6.1   Then

For most of the two years a week of lunches would comprise seven lots of boiled sliced unpeeled potatoes and either cabbage or broccoli brought to the boil and very soon strained.  The pans often have been left to boil much longer for soft veg for my wife.  The protein component on my plate for six days was generally tinned sardines.

The evening meal has been and still is packet soup; tomatoes, beetroot and olives; brown bread and humous: cheese now and then;  yoghurt.

6.2   Now

Waitrose is helping improve the main course.  

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