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22 March

Dementia meeting centres   here

21 March  

Our bird station here  

One associated problem

Teresa preferred to see the                                                                                                                           birds rather than go to
Singing for the Brain 
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17 March   
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New Section 5  Controlling dom-carers is there to raise questions as to what other carers do in similar situations.  

Only if of interest.



1  Dementia Herefordshire Home page 

Potentially useful topics.  The pages are for the general reader.:

  1. Herefordshire Dementia-friendly  here  includes wishy-washy Herefordshire and a concrete result elsewhere.  
  2. Living well with dementia in Herefordshire - strategy  - carer  included 48 times
  3. Hereford Memory Clinic Service is criticised on the page   
  4. What it is not doing is highlighted here
  5. Herefordshire dementia friendly parishes  (DFPs) None known.  The title DFPs originates here.

     more here   

2   Person-centred Tests Home page here


Do you see potential within the Family-produced tests Home page here?

                                                    highly specific G&S test here?


I would be pleased to work with any member of your staff.


The Person Centred Introductory test and the G&S test first completed in Nov 2015 have been repeated with no significant change in outcome here.

3    Songs and music for adults with special needs here

Finding chapter and verse on age-related interaction is difficult.  Although dementia is not sigificant within this specific situation, you may have some leads, please.   

I can send a link to a full, hidden description of the situation.

4   Prolonging the caree active mind  

This section will has been copied  used elsewhere for public use later here


5   Controlling dom-carers   

This will copied elsewhere for public use later    Here to raise questions as to what other carers do in similar situations.  

Only if of interest.


We changed companies recently and stepped up the visits.  Now twice a day.  The previous company arrived once on weekdays and there were four carers.  With fourteen visits a week now, we see up to eight carers.  


The duties need clarity.  They are on the back of the kitchen door.  They include a Teresa pic.  They are on large (A1) paper.  


Teresa averages seven trips to A&E pa.  My average is three.  The duties sheet is a vital part of the family Plan B.


The sad aspect of the list is that it is necessary to point out basics such as hanging wet dish cloths up and emptying the washing up bowl before leaving.  Although not listed, five of the eight carers did not straighten the bottom sheet when making the bed until I requested it should be done.  It is pointless informing the company.  That only produces stress.


Has any work been carried out on the duties of domestic care workers in private homes? 

Homecare and Live-in Care Worker job description here  

source shows nothing of use - ditto the foot-of-page links.

scholarly articles  -  is this the best?  or this? source

the best via Google Scholar here?


Although twenty mins looking reveals nothing of use, surely something has been done to produce near-specific JDs for unpaid/informal carers within various ailment situations. 


Glen Dawr carer crib-sheet  here


With thanks for any help offered or given.

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Original Intro

Given that my wife will be at a daycare centre on 17 March, I will arrive at your Hereford talk c 1100.

The first section may include links etc of possible use to you.  

The second section seeks your help.

The third section seeks outline advice.

If you have time after your talk, perhaps we could establish 

         if you can help and how we might proceed

         if not, any pointers.  No need to take up your time


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