An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

 1 Intro to the Glen Dawr carer crib-sheet    notes to new or infrequent carers           hidden page

1.     Everyone does so well. With 25 homes each to look after, it’s a wonder you know where anything goes. I don’t and I live here!

2.     Consider all requests here to begin with ‘please’.

3.     They are part of the Family Plan B  in case I am not here.     

2 General

1.     Check the operations board under the Carers heading. 

2.      All post to be left on kitchen surface and NOT given to Teresa. Medical reports etc for her would be confusing and upsetting.

3.     Take red wheelchair to sitting room to charge if needed. Turn wheelchair off before charging.

3 Bedroom & bathroom - morning

1.     Commode - deal with in garage + Dettol. Check washing machine and deal with any wet washing.

2.     Straighten bed clothes, don’t tuck in. Take big red-backed cushion to spare room.

3.     Take night-time drinking vessels to kitchen to wash up.

4.     Wash Teresa’s back and underneath as routine unless requested otherwise by me (she may try to say it’s not needed). Check laundry bin.

4 Kitchen - morning

1.     Take a glass of water and Nescafe cappuccino to sitting room on Teresa ’s arrival. Ensure she has the bell.  Put TV to prog of her choice if you know how.

2.     Double-handed drinkers wash by hand. Empty dishwasher. Deal with dirty crockery etc – mainly in dishwasher. No wood in dishwasher. Read notes on wall above. Main item – sharp knives point down.

3.     Wipe fridge shelves if needed. No heavy china on high shelves near sink. Drinking vessels, jugs etc base-down on shelves. 

4.     The only pan left out is the milk pan (+ small wooden spoon) in front of toaster. The rest go under the oven & large ones in garage. 

5.     No wet washing in the house - dry outside or on garage lines or clothes-horse.

6.     Waste food disposer - Don't use unless shown. Keep metallic and other hard items well clear and keep plastic mesh cover on it. 

7.     If enough time available, see if enough jellies, mashed potato. Ask if potatoes & veg etc to prepare.  Tidy polythene-items shelf.  

8.     Clear/clean surfaces and sink area. Clean bowl & hang wet tea towels/dish cloths to dry before you leave  No wet cloths or water etc left in clean bowl, which is lifted from sink base so as not to mark base.

5 Evening

Switch lights on from top of drive on arrival. Lock door once you’re inside. On departure, turn porch lights off. Switch lights off from top of drive.

6 Bedroom – evening

1. Follow list in far corner.  

2. Arrange bedding so that there is no fold-over at Teresa’s neck. Tuck in top corner only.

7 Kitchen – evening                                                               

   Relevant items from 4 as per time available.  The last item if nothing else.

8 Conclusion

   Thank you for your professionalism. 

   Together, we make Teresa’s life the best possible.

   I value your role in that. 

                                                  Prof H  March 2016

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