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For readers whose carees include mind/memory impairment within their list of ailments.

During the winter of 2014/5, one major challenge was motivating my wife to get out of the house.  She managed only one trip to church.

This year, after a lot more thought, the realisation came that there was little social religion available [versus being given communion at home on a one-to-one basis].  It took little time this year [2016] to realise that it was a matter of choosing the most appropriate church.

All jolly fine Christians who one doesn't see for dust until the next service. source   

Teresa is centre stage.

I found this picture by chance.  Nobody thought to tell me about it [I took it] since it was posted in early January 2016 and this page was started on 11 March.

The first Sunday in 2016.  A good service looked at from the small congregation perspective.  The third Sunday was better attended and run on the same lines in a different venue.  The large C of E parish church is behind both services.  The Curate comes once a month to give Teresa communion.  Three women come at the same frequency to share Bible reading.  


Let's move on to prolonging the active mind and learn about the appropriate church.  Ross URC here.

One aspect is to make the most of the social opportunities which are within your caree's capability and interest. This page focuses on social religion as my caree's needs and interests are thus inclined..

The page on how to make the most of the information so that your caree can cope with making decisions is  now clickable.  Item 4 shows far more URC events and it is here. 

The URC has a lively and clearly presented diary and this is typical.  OTB = my addition to show that the event is on the board you have just seen


Our Weekly Diary

These are regular events but do not necessarily take place every week through the year.

 Sunday 10.45am Morning Worship
 Sunday evening Ecumenical Worship organised by Churches Together in Ross - Third Sunday of the month
 Tuesday 10.00am Bible Study / House Groups - Second and Fourth Tuesdays of the month
 Tuesday 12.30pm Lunch Club - Meets on third Tuesday of each month  OTB
 Tuesday 2.30pm1st Tuesday  - On the the first Tuesday of each month - a programme of speakers and social activities for all.  OTB
 Thursday 7.30pmHouse Group
 Friday 12.30 - 13.00First Friday of the month - Quiet Space - Open Church
Prayer, fellowshio and a simple lunch. All welcome.     OTB
 Friday 4.00pmChoir Practice when called
 Saturday 10.00-12.00Last Saturday of the month - Take a Break
Coffee morning - bric-a-brac and cakes                         OTB

Not OTB is a couple who share Bible reading once a month with Teresa.

more in due course

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Another aspect of keeping an ailing mind as active as possible is person-centred tests as seen here.  

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