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 8 march 2016

Teresa has missed two Sunday church services and discussion is warranted. 

As is evident, my aim is to involve Teresa in as many church services and social activies as she can attend.

The probability of attending a specific Sunday morning church service is 50% due to being two alternatives.

That % is halved - in round terms, due to the reason for missing the two services - poor health.

The 1st and 3rd Sundays tend towards St M at Brampton, the rest at URC.

However, I am giving more thought to 1st Sunday at URC due to communion being available.  Will ask Teresa the day before.

Teresa and URC

        1st Tuesdays  - On the the first Tuesday of each month - a programme of speakers and social activities for all.

        2nd Tuesdays  Open to all those who enjoy making things

        Lunch Club - Meets on third Tuesday of each month      high priority as a good social event and meal

        First Friday of the month - Quiet Space   + a simple lunch

        Last Saturday of the month - Take a Break  Coffee morning [thanks to Keith re advice last week]

                  cc readers - source

        Fri 22nd April     4 pm     Choir practice        Teresa loves singing.  Mentioned that to choir leader two weeks ago.  Can she attend?

        Keith and Mary are to confirm Bible reading soon, I hope.

        Can I leave a notice in the adjacent car park, wall side nearest church, an hour or so before an event saying "This space for wheelchair car - Mrs H"?

Obviously, Teresa wouldn't attend more than two events in a week. Lucky at that.  Woodside day centre on Thursdays.

Working out similar events via St M is much more difficult.  Bible Group met yesterday, fixed April and wrote a note asking "Then what? which please explain.

I have had a lot of work to cover change-over from one dom-care co to another and didn't catch up with Nick's kind offer of communion due about now.  Due to April URC uncertainty, could you come soon svp?

Teresa has missed two Sunday church services and discussion is warranted.  One aspect due to the probability factor discussed is that phoning asking if Teresa is unwell when absent is inappropriate.  Pity.



Teresa in picture