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The public pages include those mentioning TDH.  Some hidden pages mention her but, generally, they concern her directly.


Public pages 

Holidays page here

28 Jan a 2015 -  My wife's health here

3 June 2015 - The good news ((but)) page  is here.

14 May 2015 

My wife's health + why less attention given to this website here

27 Nov 20 14     A&E etc summary here.


5 June 2015

Herefordshire Council - Adult Wellbeing  here 

earlier pages

HCS runs a GP Awards scheme.  Several pages are included here.


We need a WAV here 

Update 9 Aug 2105 

The recent journey to Porthcawl involved a stop and we want a car like this: 

Thanks to this unique patented conversion, no longer do you have the rear-seater’s hassle of having to unload and reload all your luggage (twice) every time you make a comfort stop. And anyone helping you into the car no longer has to squat-shuffle their way through the vehicle interior to reach the front.

That's just two reasons for a change and there's plenty more.  Have booked a demo on 19 Aug re the car here.  As it is Merseyside, have spoken to the Fiat dealer in Hereford to try and buy one locally.  more 

Hidden pages

Teresa on her new decking here  mid-July 2015

Medical History - main aspects 05 May 2015

Medication list and medical history here  July 2015

Caree - three days in Worcs Royal Hospital  here

Disabled person needing . . .  lunch  here 

A page I created on 7 July - recipients finally phoned today.   That amounted to nothing. here

Misc other hidden page

Work at Glen ....  here

Have spent £700 earlier this year on the garden.   Before winter, it and the house need much more £ spent on them.

This morning, I spent two hours with our cleaner unblocking a sewer.

Someone is coming soon to quote for interior decoration to most rooms.  Nothing done since moving in in 2004.  Anaglypta everywhere. 

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