An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                             Lobster for lunch?  We'll bring the balloons.


Disabled person needing substitute domestic services relating to lunch  

This is an experiment in negotiating with new restaurants and other catering services,  In mid-May 2016, it had proved successful on 8/10 tries in five months.


Mrs H has an oesophageal  (throat) diverticulum (pouch) and needs most food in puree form.  She is unable to have an operation due to her heart condition. 

"An esophageal diverticulum is a pouch that protrudes outward in a weak portion of the esophageal lining. This pocket-like structure can appear anywhere in the esophageal lining between the throat and stomach."

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 Food situation

Cottage pie is a good main course but if the potato is crusted, it needs to be replaced with ordinary mash.  Well-cooked and then mashed broccoli is a good unblended veg.  Carrots are not.  

Good if the meat other than fine mince can be blended with the veg.  Equally important is the need for plenty of smooth, thick gravy without veg etc bits.

Please make allowances and offer help.  Thank you for any sympathetic service. We hope to fit in to your situation seamlessly and invisibly.

Our back-up

A bottle of main-course puree food is carried on all shopping trips and other outings. (Few due to overall condition.)  This could be heated in a microwave oven, with your cooperation.  If mashed potato is a problem, we have a packet.  Gravy granules are also on board.

Sadly, some venues lacked empathy after verbal explanation.  Things have improved once this page has been in use.  At other times, a business-card size summary has been used to good effect.

 Looking for a higher level of cuisine than pie, mash and peas.

Regrettably, only one of us can cope with lobster now. Twenty years ago, it was high on our food-favs list.


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