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Tango Quickie               8 Sept 2015

Update 10 Sept in red text below.

We are in Wales at the Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here.  

The right leg (off-side) of the wheelchair is broken and a replacement is needed urgently.  

The link is in the Updates page so that people spoken to on the phone can find it easily.

The piece that is needed is the top of the leg fitted to the long piece by two bolts.  The top one is a hex and the lower bolt is a slot-headed one.

I am contemplating the purchase of a spare pair of the leg-supports.  HOWEVER  Let's fit the top piece as soon as possible, please. DONE and all in perfect working order!

From the Updates page for 10 Sept

The Hereford Branch of TPG Disable Aids saves the day yet again*

We hope to continue our holiday using the new piece,  to Thurs 10 Sept leaving soon after lunch.

Wife must can now travel with feet up.

Can't use email easily here. Phone please  XXX or the hotel.   XXX as don't leave phone numbers on site unless urgent.  No longer urgent.

01656 785375


Will pay for express delivery.  Address package to

Prof Harrison - urgent

Glamorgan Holiday Hotel, 

The Square, 

Porthcawl, CF36 3BW

18 Dec 2014  - Updates page

With my wife at home now, one of the helping organisations which I'd like to give a big thank-you to is the Hereford Branch of TPG Disable Aids.

source here

                     source    Google

Parallel thanks are due also to Chris Lewis the manager and John the carpenter at the Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here.  They put a lot of effort into putting the broken leg support together.  Alloys are hard to deal with.  

Everyone you meet staff-wise goes the extra five miles to ensure your stay is the best that can be delivered.

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