An exploration of the UK carer world

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Again - Dear Mr Robinson                                                                                                                18 Nov


You see that your page has shown up as a free-floating page.  It has "shown up" since, for the moment, it is hidden.

It relates to your 17 Nov article here.

Being on site, it saves you flitting between an email and the website.  I can add items without sending an email each time.


This page serves as a menu from which you might like to select in relation to any coverage next Sunday.


If you would like to get back to me, you can work out how this page could appear on a permanent basis.  Knowing that journalists prefer exclusives, (your heading in the paper). I would be happy for it to be updated as frequently as you prefer.

"Exclusive" is taken as meaning that the Sunday Post will be the only paper with its own page.

When open, the page will be found next to the Who Cares? page.

Work will be carried out to extend this page.


We proceed to the now.


The Who cares? page - any changes?


Carers Rights Day

Next Sunday is perfect for coverage of CRD.  If the Sunday Post is to enjoy exclusive-page coverage of my website, it will be my only chance to tell the nation about it.

The numerous county carer support agencies can choose songs to sing on CRD. Here's the song page.



How much are politicians interested in carers, their rights or, indeed, the broad issues within the unpaid carer world?  I wrote to the three main parties recently hoping to engage them on the Big Society theme as seen here.  The broader issue, however is here.




Minor points

I keep my other websites off this one as it's enough to focus on a specific topic.  The following site also indicates one of my other interests.  I will turn a previous song into a carer song in 2014 here.  It will begin with "All through the centuries, caring's been going" or similar.

This Sunday Post page, stripped of the present text, will include material from this page.



Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes.

Alan Harrison

Prof. Alan F Harrison  19 Nov

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