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Does she/he take sugar?

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1 As someone in a wheelchair, how can I overcome social stigma?

I'm a man in a wheelchair who recently graduated  from college and entered the workforce. When I'm in public, people will often speak to the person I'm with about me or my service dog, while completely ignoring that I am replying to them. It's like I don't even exist, and I have normal speech. How can I correct this situation without being an ass?

I don't think you can expect to change ignorant strangers' perceptions of what it means to be a handicapped person. You can never underestimate the average person's level of ignorance!

 , , ,  say  "If you have a question please talk to me directly."  This is not rude.  They are being rude.

Is it stigma or thoughtlessness?  

My wife and I attend various meetings and events populated by healthcare professionals, volunteers and carers with carees.  Too many times, not only do they talk to me about her as if she isn't there, when they do engage my wife who has  semantic dementia, they over-prompt and/or complete her sentences for her.

When people engage me when they should engage my wife, I try to smile while pointing to her.

Going back to 1.2 -     , , ,  say  "If you have a question please talk to me directly."  a lot of carees do not have the ability to respond in this manner (e.g. 1.3.1)  The carer has a dual role - pusher and defender.

2   More thoughtlessness?

You can never underestimate the average person's level of ignorance.

Driving a heavy power-wheelchair from behind it is no joke when you are well past the min retirement age [and have back trouble].  

You approach a door or confined space and someone squeezes through the bare-minumum gap and in danger of colliding with the wheelchair-occupant's feet.  Even healthcare professionals and volunteers do it.  

You will never raise the average person's level of ignorance.  Protect your caree's feet -  here.

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