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Robinson, B. (1983). Validation of a Caregiver here Strain Index    


This is the first excursion into such docs via the web.  source here

Items have been numbered.

Items or part items applying to me are in bold.  Italics = less strength. 

Score  9 in bold text,  3 in italics @ 0.5  TOTAL 10.5  


I am going to read a list of things that other people have found to be difficult. Would you
tell me whether any of these apply to you? (GIVE EXAMPLES)

Yes = 1 No = 0

  1. Sleep is disturbed (e.g., because . . . is in and out of bed or wanders around at night)

  2. It is inconvenient (e.g., because helping takes so much time or it’s a long drive over to help)

  3. It is a physical strain (e.g., because of lifting in and out of a chair; effort or concentration is required)

  4. It is confining (e.g., helping caring restricts free time                           or cannot go visiting)

  5. There have been family adjustments (e.g., because helping has disrupted routine; there has been no privacy)

  6. There have been changes in personal plans (e.g., had to turn down a job; could not go on vacation)

  7. There have been emotional adjustments 
  9. Some behavior is upsetting (e.g., because of incontinence; . . . has trouble remembering things; or . . . accuses people of taking things)

  10. It is upsetting to find . . . has changed so much from his/her former  self (e.g., he/she is a different person than he/she used to be)

  11. There have been work adjustments (e.g., because of having to take time off)

  12. It is a financial strain - more Item 2 - that is just a start.

  13. Feeling completely overwhelmed (e.g., because of worry about . . . ;

  14. concerns about how you will manage)
Total Score (Count yes responses. Any positive answer may
indicate a need for intervention in that area. 

A score of 7 or higher indicates a high level of stress.)

Robinson, B. (1983). Validation of a Caregiver Strain Index. Journal of Gerontology. 38:344-348.

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