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Hello Matthew


Welcome to Carer World.  We overlap starting with the Recycled songs Home page here and moving onto the Songs and music for special needs situations page here.  The story re the latter starts on the Ross Music Box page here.  I might create a public page for you on the main site in due course depending on your interest.


The classes you offer are of great interest as is a session or two before.  If you are interested in my work in the special needs domain or have any experience therein, would you please outline.


Last year I went to two ukulele groups in Dean Forest.  They were off the beaten track in not-so-good pubs which were obviously desperate for customers. Both groups centred on heavy strumming and singing but they didn't appeal to me. I want to learn Formby-style playing


Also interested in your website.  I have had one Wordpress disaster and another site turned out to be almost as bad.  If you didn't set it up, I'm keen to know who did.


Like you, I perform solo in public and have done pipe-bags of weddings.  Do you have any experience of putting anything on youtube?


Do you know a Flamenco tutor in hfds/Gloucs/Worcs etc?



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