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Songs and music for specific audiences

The audience aspect distinguishes between the other category of those who might participate by singing songs and/or being involved in the music-making.

Again, the audiences within this page can be divided between those who want recorded music only (with interpretation and discussion) and others who want a mixture of that and performance. 

Those who want performance only can, of course, be accommodated.

Recorded music

                  I could bring DVDs/records

       Recorded music and performance

                  I could bring DVDs/records and an acoustic guitar. If appropriate, the bagpipe could be included..

If  guitar performance is appropriate, it would involve:

        General music - trad songs included

        Early Spanish classical* music - Fernado SorMateo CarcassiAntonio Cano and Ferdinando Carulli.

        *  According to my interpretation.

        Flamenco music could form the greater part of this session according to interest.  It is not confined to loud or                 sonorous output and there is a variety of tonal qualities.     

If the bagpipe is to be included, the session could begin by asking the audience what songs they know/would like. The session could include how the bagpipe works and its varieties.

More in Item 2 under the heading "Those which I play" on the Instruments page here 

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