An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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      The first version was somewhat cramped and needed        bunting to make it into a better presentation.

The same tank eight weeks later.  The loft is full of disability items no longer used.  A pavement scooter has been recycled.

In stock:

  1. The tank

  2. A Steam train.  It was converted from the horse used for the cowboy songs.  Needless to say, the horse turned up as a reindeer at you-know-when.

  3. A boat which started use as Noah's Ark.  It later became a Red Indian canoe.  May be used later for songs such as "Messing about on the river".

  4. A Destroyer - for the Navy songs.  It or No.3 might become a pirate galleon.  Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of fun.

They all took some twenty hours each to make.  If there's a conversion to be done, it could take that long again.


The reasons so much time is taken include:
  1. My wife is the priority and it's not often there's anyone else around.  Pop in every quarter of an hour.  She has a buzz-push and I have the buzzer.

  2. In one's mid-seventies, lifting these items when finished isn't always easy.

  3. Then there's finding things.  Put a screwdriver down for five minutes and it has walked off.

  4. Add time running around B&Q etc fighting the musak and finding lost shopping lists.  Respite time used.

Putting the play-lists together would take double the time without Spotify.  We have a family music website  but it's based on youtube.  That would not be practical within the music sessions.  {More  here.]

Spotify runs best on Imac and Ipad, the latter being used at the music sessions with a small amplifier.  

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