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Age-appropriate support for adults   


The keys to life Improving quality of life for people with learning disabilities - The Scottish Government, Edinburgh 2013 - page 2

The need for

people with learning disabilities to live independently, having the same

choice, control and protection as all other citizens of Scotland in terms of

the age-appropriate support they receive, is more relevant than ever. 

The document uses the word "appropriate" 71 times.  Our topic receives no more attention.  source

Workbook - no mention  here

Communicating with people with a learning disability - Mencap - no result here but children mentioned at foot of text here  more children here

Communication with people with disabilities

General tips for communicating with people with a disability

Speak to a person with a disability as you would speak to anyone else. Speak in an age-appropriate tone. Treat adults as adults     more Oz here


More Google here.

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