An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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The sessions began in December 2014.  

The first two weeks were used to explore songs and they were accompanied by instruments.  Helpers were given song sheets.  Agreed that this style is inappropriate.  


Week 3

Xmas songs and carols.


Week 4

Then came the first grand entrance (GE) in WW1 soldier uniform to give focus on war songs.

Next time - general songs.  After that, the pattern was set for GE once a fortnight. 

Week 6

Regimental Highland WW1 piper GE with Scots songs/bagpipe tunes, a few war songs and a few general songs (not on the bagpipe) including Elvis.

Week 8

GE Noah’s Ark with animal songs + general.

Week 10

Elvis GE

Week 12

GE with Naval Destroyer.  A few war songs, plenty of sea songs, and more general songs to finish.

Week 14

Cowboy GE

Week 16

GE with The Flying Scotsman train.  Train songs “difficult to sell” (an organiser.  Time was against playing  my bagpipe tune - The Flying Scotsman.

Week 17 here

Week 18

GE in steam engine  Train songs “difficult to sell” (an organiser). 

Week 20

Indian costume.   A few Indian songs but repeat the cowboy tunes.  Arrive in canoe.  

Week 21     7 July  here

Week 22 to date     The organiser requested a tone-down of theatricals.  With absence twice due to holidays, the sessions have been somewhat routine.  On 29 Sept, I am due to make a grand entrance in WW1 piping uniform but without the tank here.  May be the next time is in Santa outfit. 

The diet now includes Wait-and-See Cake. Yes, there is a Google result here

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