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Songs and music for adults with special needs 

The adults within the project can be said to be people with profound and multiple learning disabilities

Within the thirteen adults, only two of them could participate in  a formal discussion  . .  to discover their wishes, checking interpretations

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Broader themes within special needs situations here

More on Hiawatha of general interest here.  



These songs and music pages for adults with special needs  focus on adults with, mainly, congenital ailments.  None suffer from dementia. 



The adults come to a day centre on weekdays.  Once a week, I spend half an hour with them playing songs and tunes, often within  themed sessions.   There are are also playlists of general songs.


The main point is that I wear costume related to the theme of the day.  In the current WW1 commemorative four years, I appear at events (very few since my wife's condition has deteriorated ) as a WW1 Regimental Highlander piper and play the pipes.  At the other extreme, I could be Noah, a Destroyer Captain, Elvis, a lassoo-ing cowboy or Sitting Bull.  


Adult impairment  here 


Songs and music  - Instruments here  Not all for this group.


Readers who can point me to legislation and info on the age-appropriate aspects of interaction with adults in the context of these pages are asked would they kindly use the Contact page.


A photo of this sort needs a fair amount of explanation and all in good time.  The header graphic likewise. 

I may make a "grand entrance" before playing songs and tunes, often within the sessions .  Yes, there are socks at the back of the tank and the tune was "We're goin' to hang out the washing on the Seigfried Line".

The tank Captain has a fresh-air life compared with the driver.  




One session was Indian songs, several weeks after cowboy songs.   Then, I was on a DIY horse in cowboy outfit + lassoo. at the time.

The entry Indian song was better than Kaw Liga which came later.  Youtube is too complicated to operate quickly and I use Spotify on an Ipad plus very small amplifier.


Although this representation of a totem pole meant something to one or two of the adults, one just doesn't know if any of the others understood it.

The fragment of indians at the foot of the graphic is enlarged on the left.


 This raises discussion which we'll come to.  It concerns     age-appropriate interaction.

The boat-base has been used for three themes so far.  WW1 and WW2 songs were played on this occasion. 

The guns were also used on the tank.  There is no emphasis on authenticity.

The funnel lifts off and is used as a maraca .

Story here 

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                                       The tank Captain has a fresh-air life compared with the driver.