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The website is a database of resources.  In the songs and music context, the readership includes:

  • carers who hope to use songs and music within their carer role
  • organisers of therapy sessions
  • song leaders
  • carers within their support and other groups - they have their own pages here and there's more in this section of the site
While the emphasis is on participation, there is provision for those carees who prefer to just listen.

Participation at one level, of course is the singing.  At another, playing instruments is encouraged.  

The database of musical resources includes song sheets, links to songs, and help in using instruments.

I am at the end of a mouse and am available within 50 miles or so from Hereford.  However, for those at much greater distance, the aim is for readers to be able to work with what they read and hear.  Plenty of email and phone conversation is available.

Alan F Harrison (Prof)

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