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The matter of copyright is covered.  You will see a better use of your title soon. 

  1. Preamble
  2. Use of the song for carers to sing
  3. Use of the song for carees to sing
  4. Improving the pages using audio etc
  5. Improving your sales
  6. Finding health care students and involving them in the songs and music
  7. Towards a national mental health music therapy event/week
  8. My CV 

1 Preamble


This page introduces a series of songs and music to be played as part of mental health therapy.   


It also introduces a section of the website dealing with songs for carers to sing.


This page is the first in the series concerning use of a published song.  


The song is provisionally used twice and where editing has taken place.  New versions are provisional.  I can add text to the effect that permission is pending.


In the first instance, dialogue is sought with its composer in order to secure the best outcome for all parties. 


The composer is therefore requested to supply contact info for a named person with whom the later stages of the process can be discussed.  Again, in order to secure the best outcome for all parties.  One imagines the copyright aspects will dominate.

2 Use of the song for carers to sing


The editing has been kept to a minimum and in the general form of "We're the happi - est, hippi - est, snappi - est, nifti - est,

unpaid carers in town.".


The chords have been changed.  This is not to claim that they are wrong.  I just prefer those seen.


The book title jpg above has been created from the one seen here.  I believe it's better to scan the book.


See the song here.

3  Use of the song for carees to sing.


As 2.1 but "squiffle group players" 


Chords as in 2.2.


Only skiffle graphics have been used so far.  They can be changed to your requirements.


See the song here


My approach to success is to get them singing without instruments.  The backing track would be used.


We then move on to the instrument stage.

4  Improving the pages 

4.1  using audio

Can you supply a youtube, MP3 etc audio link for the  "We're the happi - est, hippi - est, snappi - est,.." .song, please?

4.2  using your graphics in the book


It may be appropriate to produce song pages for higher ability levels within which carees would not see themselves as children.

5  Improving your sales by improving the two pages


Readers can be encouraged to buy the book, roam your website etc with text supplied by you.


Your website readers will be encouraged to buy,by reading about an unusual use of the book via a link from your website.

6  Finding health care students and involving them in the songs and music


Starting in Worcestershire

On Weds 12 March, I met the Creative Therapy Co-ordinator at St Richards Hospice here. No music therapy as seen  here

Later that day I met a member of the academic staff at Worcester University here  All courses on two pages here and here.


Moving on to Herefordshire

I will approach the college here.  I know the Vice-Principal who is musical


Perhaps, soon, a set of tutor books will be needed.  I would ask for these, please, but when the time comes.


Other plans will be outlined here.  Enough to go on at present.


It would be useful if you were to give me in principle go-ahead vis a vis subsequent discussion with such organisations.

7  Towards a national mental health music therapy event/week

Once things are moving, we can work on this topic with No. 5 in mind.

8 My CV is here                                                                 for my ref - Kevin Mayhew Publishers here

                                                                                                                      Tim Lewis here






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