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Songs and music for adults with special needs here    songsenmusic1.php   

An example of an A4 sheet used in the development of song/tune lists here  songsenmusic2.php  ie open

again to check    A4 sheet for song/tune lists here  songsenmusic2.php  ie open

Play-list General 3 here  songsenmusic3.php

Story here    songsenmusic4.php

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socks here    songsenmusicpics1.php

The driver here  songsenmusicpics2.php

Tanks for the memory  here     songsenmusicpics3.php


Age-appropriate support here   songsenmusicageapprop.php 

More on Hiawatha of general interest here.  wiki

Broader themes within special needs situations here.  songsenhome.php   = gen music for sn 


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 Songs and music for adults with special needs here  HOME  sensong.php

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