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The initial visit attends to the formalities required by the host organisation.

The two main categories of those who might sing and/or listen to songs and music are carees with and without special needs. 

Those not in the previous sentence who only want to listen are discussed on the Tandem page here and more here

Those without special needs may reside in sheltered accommodation note.  Being of mature age, they may prefer to listen.

A visit to see where it all might take place is first on the agenda. The how and where questions are attended to in the context of who. We have already looked at them in broad principle of listen-only and those who might play music.   

If there's a piano, someone is needed to play it.  Either way, I could bring one of these.  It sits on a foldable frame.  I could possibly manage what you have just heard but the keyboard comes with plenty of song backings.  It enables the use of a microphone so that a singer can operate with a backing track.*  However, it's quite a large item and I have a wee Smart car.

*I am no fan of mikes in less-than-large rooms without appropriate occupancy, but we can look at the situation.

Some instruments could cause problems.  Mouth-blown items such as kazoos present hygiene considerations as well as physical safety. See photos here.

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