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 A design for a Squiffle  Double bass   a more-portable Russian doll version of the above

The graphic shows an impracticable design.  The player needs to place one foot against the pole.  Most of them weren't too clever re the string as it was permanently attached to the box and pole.  

The new design solves such problems.  A hole in the 

centre of the top allows for a retainer washer on the

 string under its surface and a loop at the other end 

of the string goes to a hook at the top of the pole.  The 

pole can be carried separately.  

The Russian doll  version is easy to see as the smaller 

box fits into the larger one.  You place some of the 

musical kit you carry around in the smaller box and 

you're ready to rush in  on arrival at your next 

engagement.  Stick the poles in your guitar case.

Anyone with a spare washboard and steel thimbles?   Click here.

Find a tea chest and start sawing.  Otherwise start from 

scratch as seen below.  It's probably best to put the 

pole support/block inside the boxes.

Choose a tea chest or make boxes  with good edge support and no splinters.

The tea chest has now been split.

The rest is easy.


        The pole support has been fitted.

        Start rocking, man. Here.


Here's a few ideas on making your double bass from scratch.

Copying what you see above can be done but the print quality will be poor. If you need a copy click here.

pagetop here  for pasting    A Rush-in double bass here  

                                          Start rocking, man. Here.                                 

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