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The charity doesn't need to be identified yet and it will be referred to as BT.  Nothing telephonic about it.  BT means the local day care venue, not the charity unless specified.

  1. Differing levels of comprehension
  2. Differing levels of mobility
  3. BT operates a day care centre - only
  4. Themed sessions

1  Differing levels of comprehension

1 & 2 go together in terms of inevitability.

The participants can be described thus.  Eight is the average attendance:

     A  Two arrive each day under their own steam.  One of these has near-normal conversation.  The other could                  dominate proceedings if allowed to.

     B  One spends all the time asleep.  Another is entirely expressionless.  One is completely deaf.

     C  Two react to the output quite well and in different ways.  One of these sings along with,occasionally,                          surprising results - Ci.  The other has a loud voice and picks up high-pitched lyrics and yells a main word or                two. - Cii

     D  One repeats what I or an organiser says.  Helps with the tea.

     E  One can only sit but jerks.  Hyperactive to very strong rhythm.

     F  One is virtually inactive and then gets up and reorganises the chairs.  

On the Home page, it says:

Although this representation of a totem pole meant something to one or two of the adults, one just doesn't know if any of the others understood it.

I proceed on the basis that nobody knows what the participants understand.  If we failed to recognise Stephen Hawking, too many of us would ask his carer "Does he take sugar?.  

2  Differing levels of mobility

BT has determined that the participants remain seated.  Although I say that 1 & 2 go together in terms of inevitability, that applies to the heading - Differing levels of mobility.  I had hoped that the exercise songs included could involve standing for some of the participants.

3  BT operates a day care centre - only

It is not interested in developing individual capability.  I have suggested that Ci is given extra time but BT is not interested.  However, that is the local centre.  I'm quite sure that the Director is unaware of what is going on.

4   Themed sessions

I haven't started looking at research into any aspect of this work with BT, least of all on whether there is any point in including themes.  Are they more of a convenient way of grouping the output?

It is my firm belief that the visual aspects are just as important as the audio aspects.  BT and I part company again (No. 3).  However, he who pays the piper . . . . .

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