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Note to bild readers 

Based on the first email on 3 July
Within my occasional role as entertainer of adults with special needs I play strong-rhythm songs within different themes. If, when playing country & western songs I dress as a cowboy, can it be said to be age-inappropriate?
The organisers are beginning to cool down re fancy dress.

Based on the second email on 3 July
The adults are very keen on the war songs hence beginning with that theme. The tank (pic sent with the email) has been lengthened and used again with a rope at the back with socks pegged to it (as you now see). The grand entrance was made to the tune - The Siegfreid Line. 

Other themes have included Elvis (who they love) and WW2 Regimental highland piper.  I play the pipes plus other instruments

There is no doubt that it all has a beneficial effect and the eight adults enjoy the sessions.  But will I be hanged on/by the Siegfreid line?

RSVP and thanks.

Here is a paragraph which makes the point that I am not a health care professional.

Prof Alan Harrison's career included being  a Lecturer in Gastronomy at Surrey Univer¬≠sity, Director of the Edinburgh Hotel School at Crewe Toll, an Open University Tutor/Examiner within the Post-Grad course in Educational Manage¬≠ment, and Head of Faculty of Community Studies at Canterbury College of Technology. He was also a University Dean in France and Switzerland and became Professor in 1992.  Other foreign activities saw Alan as a Tourism specialist and academic adviser in fifteen countries. Retired and living near Hereford, he is available as a Visiting Professor or as a speaker. He is involved in various community/charity projects. source

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