An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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I think there was a  bug or something in your email.  When I sent it it hung around saying   "Attaching" and wdn't go

Thanks as always for loads of info.

Life is particularly busy just now.   some URLs may need pasting   

We are selling our motorhome to pay for the new car.  Only one couple viewed it since ad came out.

Lunar Pinnacle FB - Fixed Bed  FOR SALE  here  massive amount of emptying, cleaning, advertising etc done on wednesday last week


Other adverts written in Preloved, Caravan Club, ebay   which son-in-law manages    reminds me haven't seen the present wav ad yet

I'm in the middle of a lot of outside etc work and getting help

have just finished        Teresa on her new decking here   or

Arranging Bible reading for Teresa and attendance at related retreat here

or      dealing with the Church is an up-steeple struggle

I do 45 mins song and music every week with adults but not in the costumes or uniform shown   -   here


Related to that is age-appropriate interaction and why no costumes or uniform

British Institute of Learning Disabilities BILD here


prior to meeting 29 July  Now a week later  Songs and music for adults with special needs here


You may have comment on the BILD stuff re age-appropriate interaction.

Once things quieten down and more £ in the bank, we hope to see you and your WAV.  Had hoped to sell van long before now.  No takers lately.  Ideas as to what to say in the ads?  Too much detail on the website?

I see you are in H the Hs