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Ross Ukulele Group - RUG                 a hidden page - only for the group

We're the happiest carees in town  - song for the group which now appears on youtube

Update 17 June 

The Squiffle Group song is here   That page and this page shows the Ross-on-Wye Ukulele Society youtube video here.

Update 6/6/14    Ross-on-Wye Ukulele Society here.

Thanks again to the group for its support.  

Considerations include

  1. Are you OK about your name being shown in connection with the subsequent youtube video?
  2. Ditto re the graphic showing a uke where the church steeple should be?
  3. The to-be-public page is shown as Ross Ukulele Society if that is OK.  If so, this page title can be changed.  The song could appear here, even elsewhere, with the composer's agreement.
  4. No names on this or other page until agreed.  We have a washboard and thanks.
  5. I hope to find someone to play double-bass here.  There are two and if anyone knows anyone who would enjoy playing one with us, please email or phone me asap.
  6. The title of the youtube video needs to be short and point to the other page.  I suggest it might be "The Squiffle-Group Song - more at" .  The problem is that the link won't click and needs pasting.  
  7. Your comments and questions

End of update

Your starting page is here (no return link), after reading the preamble.    That's a public page on which, with your agreement, will appear us all playing.  

Matt has kindly created a youtube version of the other and similar song here in case anyone missed the session on 22 May.  Those who missed a session can hear the tune vis a vis the one we are about to put on youtube.

The Squiffle-group song sheet you saw on 22 May has been tidied and "undimed" in the second verse has been changed to "sublime" - here.  The first verse which is repeated at the end - it's last line ends with "around" and not "in town".

Matt sings the other version which will be revised on these lines before the youtube session.  

If you use the A4 song song sheet, it also needs to be amended as above

This RUG page is hidden (No. 3),  so there's no link from the starting page or the Home page.

The Ukulele Man of Ross is here   

I have a banjo-ukulele which is the nearest instrument to a skiffle banjo. It's probably too loud for strumming.  Perhaps someone could play the chord style we learned on 22 May.  Other styles may be preferred and new ones emerge. 

Anyone with a spare washboard and steel thimbles?   Click here.  Update 6/6/14 - a group member has one and thanks.

Other notes


An attempt has been made at a dedicated website.  It has proved more trouble than it is worth.  A main reason is to show pages from a song book.  The size of the red book cover here means that we won't be able to read the small print. It would be fuzzy as you see here.


Another main reason for the site is for us all to use it, add comments etc.  If readers would like that, please say.  If readers have the expertise to create a free site with user comment facility, say louder - here.   Otherwise, emails are OK.


The name RUG can be changed according to member wishes. See Item 3 above. If the group in this format isn't wanted it is another matter which will be dealt with.


This page is being used as it is in the thick of the songs for carees.  There are others for carers here.

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