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Ross-on-Wye Ukulele Society        

This page is an international resource for carers and others interested in song and music for special needs.  The Ross Carer Support Group website shows the original graphic before it was ukulele-ised  here.  The ukulele in the above graphic appears where the church tower is normally depicted and is not intended to compete with it.  As you see, the steeple reflection hasn't been changed.    

Ross via Google.  

A song has been recycled so that carees can enjoy it.  

The Squiffle Group song is here   That page and this page shows the Ross-on-Wye Ukulele Society youtube video here.

A Squiffle double bass design is here 

The song has been supported by all in the group and thanks to them.  We are led by Matthew Stead, otherwise known asThe Ukulele Man of Ross  here  

Further info will be posted in due course.

Alan F Harrison (Prof)



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