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This page started on 6 Nov and was updated on 29 Nov.  


The normal route to a new DMC is long and very involved. The main outcome is paid staff who don't need all these pages.  I present the situation on the basis of the readership having little knowledge of the unpaid carer-world and its huge dementia satellite.  If a topic is complicated, as much relevant info as is reasonable is provided. Reference system v bullet-points is used to aid discussion and email referencing. Starting with the  Ross DMC - public Home page, work by others needs to aim for brevity.

Readers perhaps could decide to hold a 60-min meeting with AFH with the aim of better understanding of the project as presented on this page and editing it before onward transmission to anyone.   Establish momentum.  Volunteer recruitment needs to start in earnest.

c   d   and e   have been removed

This page is NOT a satellite of the Ross DMC volunteers page here YET and it will take time and much revision before it is.

It says this: 


6 Nov

The Ross Mental Health Steering Group - MHSG - 
meets on Wednesday as people know from today's 
service sheet.  It presents a variety of project 
opportunities which I hope to make real in due course.

See comment below the _______   at the foot of this page.



Treading carefully, it was tempting to state the real situation    - one dimension of very little progress. However, the following fact is stated elsewhere.  Nobody is reading the Ross DMC pages.


I appreciate Christmas is on the horizon and the other seasonal excuse factors, but the project has no infrastructure. Without it, a business plan cannot emerge. It will be supported by the Ross DMC public webpages, as yet to demonstrate that Ross DMC has organisational structure. Aspects are listed on the left and top-right of this page.


The project lacks momentum.  New volunteers need inspiration.  Text in the November Connections has been supported on Sunday 20 Nov by A5 leaflets as seen here.  (The leaflet ranks for consideration as the first press release.) Update 29 Nov - little change in volume of leaflets at back of the church have been read.


Consideration is necessary re adding the following text to the Vols page re 10 Nov Update here.

The reader is reminded that dementia sufferers can be unpredictable.  If you are running an activity, have you had or are you willing to acquire the appropriate emergency training?  Are you confident that you can handle a reasonable range of emergencies. Will you contribute your knowledge, experience and feelings to the group?  Would you be willing to be trained in order to assume the role of dealing with all risk assessments? 


The verdict is anticipated to be no such text on the grounds of scaring people. That is why you will soon meet HVOSS. 2.2.9

1    Lack of progress

  1. On 15 Oct, I wrote - - - My grateful relief at the arrival of the cavalry is shared with all (20!) volunteers and with DC for arranging the meeting.   Update 1 Nov - I misunderstood the context of the (20!) - four there on 28 Oct.  12 Nov - the cavalry has disappeared over the horizon.

  2. "there" = The Ross DMC set-up meeting here

  3. Since then, the project has gone downhill, as has my morale.  That needs contexting re my concomitant role as a carer. more

  4. I have commented to DC and AP recently that I can tell that nobody is reading these volunteer-based pages or the public pages here.   see g) above

  5. The situation has not affected my output and many pages have been written since 28 Oct. Imagine a mouse in a microwave oven without heat.  It is in an endless rotation of vision-no-vision as it peers out to see people milling about, apparently not interested.  It carries on, hoping for the door to open. Hope just before 28 Oct soon faded. Four volunteers following the AGM appeal. Two were a foregone conclusion.  In doubtful effect - two new vols.   No distinct action or progress envisaged.

  6. DC has enough to do without this sort of comment and I hope someone else will be able to at least pass comment.  I have recently said to her and AP that nothing is happening. However, that was a tiny valve that had leaked. The main valve is not in danger but there is a massive amount bottled up.

  7. The Ross Mental Health Steering Group - MHSG - meets on Wednesday as people know from today's - 6 Nov - service sheet.  MHSG presents a variety of project opportunities which I hope to make real in due course.  

  8. The text beginning with Members of Ross Mental Health Steering Group here gives one dimension of the frustration.  see 6 Nov here     text removed long before 22 Nov

  9. The meeting at d) is asked to approve confirm application to join Dementia Action Alliance Herefordshire - DAAH and MRSG is likely to join.  Christ Church Council - CCC -  needs to consider formally declaring itself the  Ross DMC Advisory Board at some stage.  As Leader of Ross DMC, I can will make the DAAH application and will probably need to have CCC support in the form of DC's email address.  Update 8 Nov - scored text is the outcome of reflection.  There is no immediate public effect, and the process takes time. Update 29 Nov - Hon Sec MHG and to meet on 1 Dec to look at joint publicity.

  10.  Dementia  Action Alliance Application here.  not sent
  12. There is text on various pages which says that the Ross DMC public pages will not be made public until the Set-up meeting on 28 Oct gives the OK.  There was insufficient time to deal with this topic.  However, the 1.15 item needed the pages. 
  14. The Home page carried a draft Welcome by DC who had been invited to send final text and a photo. As you see, I have dealt with it until she is able to deal with it.  

  15. A day in the life of Ross DMC  here carried the text in 26, 28 and 30 as lack of progress negates it.

  16. Carees and carers will have the opportunity early in December to meet the team and look around*

  17. The December meeting will collect members' initial requests and then take them through the practical interpretation of this website's contents.

  18. *TBC. This depends on Dr L who has talked about providing patients and carers but may take more time than within the hoped-for plan. more  12 Nov - 6 already welcomed by AFH. Hope to update on 14 Dec.
  20. I hope he will have mustered enough patients so that a meeting can be held at Alton St Surgery in the first week of December.  It will include 28 but not 26.  Hope to hear something on 9 Nov. see 31.


2  Deputy Project Leader 

2.1 Role

  1. Christmas is always a good excuse for doing nothing but there should be a lot happening.  One important dimension is finding a Deputy Project Leader.  The logical person is AP as she has seen the Leominster DMC and is knowledgeable about dementia.  I am finding it very difficult to proceed as topic after topic without discussion is blocking the door to the public awareness of what this project is about, and determining the reality of the Ross DMC. 22 Nov - AP said on 9 Nov that she is unable to accept the role.

  2. Without a means to obtain opinion on what has been presented so far, I will present more and more on top of mountains of unread text.  There is a lot to be presented.  Anyone reacting to the extent of the reading to be done might reflect on this. The normal route to a new DMC is long and very involved. The main outcome is paid staff who don't need all these pages.  I present the situation on the basis of the readership having little knowledge of the care-world and its huge dementia satellite.  If a topic is complicated, as much relevant info as possible is provided. Reference system v bullet-points is used to aid discussion and email referencing

2.2  No delay

The Deputy Project Leader role needs to be occupied by someone very soon, even if pro-temp.  Others might share the role.  This is what needs to happen:

  1. An asap one-to-one session or a small-group meeting to look at the project
  3. Formulate a broad plan of action up to 1 March
  5.                              policy re MHSG on Wednesday 9 Nov - AP and AFH attending  22 Nov - policy needs looking at before 14 Dec re publicity

  6. 3 will not be implemented but see 2.2.9 before DC contribution and approval.  However, the eggs-in-one-basket dimension of the project is a major weakness.  That includes my role as the person who is doing the donkey-work.  (A quote from the ill-fated draft press-release.)  However, I enjoy the role in principle but results of the output need to be evaluated and agreement reached on what arrives on any webpage

  7. However, 2.2.3 needs to include HVOSS which publishes updates in the Hereford Times.  I recommend that the meeting item 2.2.1 gives me the go-ahead to submit our volunteer needs in outline.  It will be presented to members beforehand.  Going back to j) and k), you have now met HVOSS.

2.3   Deputy Project Leader responsibility

  1. The DPL assumes responsibility for all aspects of the DMC operation in the event of AFH's absence on any day of operation and any longer-term disposition

  2. Early discussion with DC and AFH - AP?  Others?  First readers?

  3. A DPL early visit to A) the Leominster DMC or B) Droitwich DMC advised.  AFH is likely to be at A, and will accompany if B is chosen.

  4. The DPL is advised to become a Dementia Champion and to run a dementia talk for the rest of the team

  5. AFH recommends that he chairs the Front of House group

  6.                                    DPL chairs the Communication group      source - 21 - in left column here

2.4  External involvement?  Item 2.3.7

We now have a situation in which a woman connected to St Mary's may be involved in running a Dementia Friends session for the  Christ Church parish.  I have suggested to DC that the woman joins the Ross DMC project.

I have made provisional arrangements for one of our team to participate in a Dementia Champion day course. 


under construction


All our private pages are hidden pages = back-arrow use with shared public DIY DMC and other external pages. 



MHSG - meets on Wednesday 9 Nov.

Here is a confidential extract from the Minutes of the meeting held on 6TH OCTOBER 2016

Older People

  1. Alan Harrison reported to the group on the initiative originally from Holland where there are over 150 dementia meeting centres across the country. Locally there is a dementia meeting centre in Leominster which is proving to be successful and it was felt that further efforts should be made to develop such a service in Ross as well as looking more widely at making Ross a dementia friendly town.

  2. Deborah confirmed the support of her church to this initiative and the potential knock on effect to other churches and organisations across Ross. It is hoped that a dementia meeting centre will be open in Ross in January. There is still work to be done and this group confirmed its support to this initiative. 22 Nov - meeting informed re 1 March

  3. A dementia friendly town would certainly increase the attraction for some tourists which in turn would increase business in the town.

  4. Action: Phil to check the link in adult social care who helped to set up the service in Leominster and to make contact.

  5. Action: Alan and Deborah to write to the town Council for a grant application

Confidential comment
125 more like it.   "further efforts should be made to develop such a service in Ross" - is that aimed at the meeting or RDMC?

You can see that the meeting needs to be put straight.  I do not propose to focus any wider than "ensuring that local  people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community.". source italics added.    If visitors benefit, it is all to the good but they are not the DF town main objective.

DC told a story similar to  4.1  Creating Dementia Friendly Communities: Mary’s Isle of Wight story here.  Tourist use of local transport is a  small % of that by local yokels.  Most tourists arrive by car.

My comments appertaining to the business plan are relevant to this motion being too early.

22 Nov - meeting of MHSG Hon Sec and AFH to take place on 28 Nov to look at joint publicity.  Also MHSG Terms of Ref and make recommendation on 14 Dec.

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