An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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We don't need to rely on instruments, song sheets, technology etc all the time, and can enjoy benefiting from the unaccompanied human voice.  Song sheets used when singing the old favourites defeat attempts to remember.    

My wife and I are  musical.  I might say "I have a tune on the brain - Coming round the something.", - hoping to hear "mountains".  If it doesn't, I hum the tune.  Sharing snippets like that enables us to move forward together in securing the best outcome for our carees.  And we'll all enjoy the journey.

Anyone can lead a song or the humming of a song or piece of music and ask "What's that?  It will encourage our carees to do the same.  Everyone soon learns that the success of a chunk of ten minutes depends on us all not being backward in humming forward.  The goal is to get rid of the permanency  of depending on being led  by someone at the front.  This golden rule applies as much to when we are exercising, drawing or making lunch.  The volunteers and I will tell you, "It's your show, not ours!"  Of course, there will be planned sessions of being led  by someone at the front and they will include visiting performers and healthcare experts.

After a session or two of singing well-known songs without music, bring on the instruments.  Bring in the instruments as well. If you can't play them, it doesn't matter.  If anyone wants to retain inhibitions, they will be drawn into group-created rhythm and no blues.  We'll be ready to convert well-known songs to our own purpose.

If you are concerned at any lack of musical ability you and/or your caree possess, once you are in the Ross DMC throng, it will soon disappear.   If you are like Mr Green, it won't matter. 

                                      There once was a man called Green

                                       Whose musical sense was not keen

                                       He said: “It is odd

                                       I cannot tell God . .

                                       Save the Weasel   from   Pop Goes the Queen


Recycled songs

This well-know tune starts the ball rolling.  Clap your hands.

Then we'll put the kettle on. We recruit Fagin and Bill Sikes to help keep four feet warm all night




Here's another song we'll be singing - it's also a recycled song -  We're the happiest carers in town here.  If you have any instruments, even if you can't play them, bring them along.

Matthew Stead, otherwise known as The Ukulele Man of Ross  here,  taught the group, made the video more, and he is hoped to visit us in April.  A certain author plays the DIY bass in the video.

We're singing for the brain here    Google  

Here is a selection of songs 

Songs that won the wars here which uses a pictorial song sheet.

Various songs here.

Music on its own

Early discussion will include whether background music is wanted during activites and lunch.

Various ways of making music will be explored.

                         using music within exercise will be explored.

                                   a DIY approach to instruments will be explored.


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