An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world


Pre-publicity                                                             Set-up Home page here  

1     Informal pre-publicity

  1. Round-up of who has said what to whom

  2. Within the Christ Church congregation

  3. Within Churches Together in Ross-on-Wye & District

  4. Produce an A5 leaflet introducing what we are doing soon

  5. Rotary Club and similar

  6. Networking re looking for activities people, and someone to advise on computing and social media.  

  7. The meeting will explore what other help is needed. 

  8. Networking re finding back-up premises in the event of a greater call for a Wednesday

  9. Decision re others to be informed

2    Formal pre-publicity on the Internet

  1. Info on the Christ Church website?

  2. A new set of pages on this website?

  3. A link from the Christ Church website to 2.2?

  4.                          Churches Together website to 2.2?

  5. A special Ross DMC website made by CC, CT?

  6. Is Ross Community Church in CT?

  7. Links from Dementia Friendly parishes

  8. Use social media.  Don't ask me - therein lies one of my many IT weak points.

3    The Gazette

  1.  Once our PR dates are settled, I propose to talk to Jo Scrivin.  If two or three volunteers keen to be involved in publicity emerge from the 28 Oct meeting, one could come with me.  

  2. Jo will appreciate plenty of notice. I hope for a whole page   - -  a right-hand page.

  3. What do readers think of a sponsored page?  Jo circulates a summary to businesses and orgs which pay for adverts as a frame for the text and pics.  The adverts, as is well known, will wish the Ross DMC every success.  

  4. What do readers think of a Gazette exclusive?  Not too impressed with the Hereford Times.  Will explain at the meeting as appropriate.

4    Wider aspects  -  Not related to the heading.

1.      If time, or for the future, can we discuss - The Church and the Carer?.  Ask this question on the Christ Church website?  -  Are you a carer?            . . . . 

      2.      One interested person could borrow this book - The Selfish Pig's Guide to Caring  here  and pass it                      around.


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