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Ross DMC is committed to:  ((italics = post set-up meeting revision))


Providing a stimulating, exciting and innovative new service for people with mild or moderate dementia living in Ross and surrounding areas.  The new service is designed to provide support to them, their carers and families, and is designed to offer an enjoyable, flexible and adaptive programme.

Improving local dementia care provision by giving members with dementia and their participant carers real choice, whilst promoting and sustaining as much independence and control over their lives as possible.

Demonstrating that real choice means that the DMC provides a service based on its participants determining what happens from day to day.

Ensuring that participants are informed of and can make choices from a full range of therapeutic opportunities designed to help reduce the burden of dementia, and the burden of caring for someone suffering dementia.   


Publicising the essential difference between a daycare centre and a DMC in that carers participate in the wider aspects of the care process, hitherto being limited to personal care within a one-to-one activity at home.

Ensuring that the Ross DMC is an innovative example of good practice where visiting contributors and dedicated volunteers combine with carers to provide comprehensive, cost-effective and easy to access support; enabling those with dementia to live longer independently with a better quality of life and delayed entry into residential care.

A diagnosis of dementia can be frightening for those affected by the condition.  Both carers and carees, as well as independent dementia sufferers, can feel entirely alone.  The Ross DMC is committed to eliminating that worrying element from the situation.  Joining other people with the same needs and hopes brings companionship and relief within the new process of working within an environment designed to give the best outcome for all concerned.   The Ross DMC is committed to the notion of carers being equally important and benefiting as much as carees and independent sufferers. 


As well as providing personalised support, activities and services to carees and carers, the Ross DMC is committed to arranging bi-monthly information sessions open to the public, and supporting Ross in becoming a dementia friendly community and raising public awareness of the ailment.

End of Draft Mission Statement


Start date and patients

Dr Lennane has agreed to finding a combination of carers, carees with mild or moderate dementia, and independent carees.  Dr Lennane, Revd Deborah Cornish and Prof Alan F Harrison are members of Ross Mental Health Steering Group. It meets on 9 November.  AFH recommends that the first press release is published on 16 November.  New start date – Weds 1  March.



The operational budget for Year 1 of  £4250 has been calculated within the context of the absence of all the factors involved.  The two DMCs in operation cannot be expected to release information due to being within a formal research project which does not report until February.  AFH suggests £6000.That includes visiting facilitators typically charging £80, twice a month. If £6000 is too ambitious, facilitators will not be engaged. Other adjustments will be effected within any budget set by Christ Church Elders.                  To be revised.

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