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Ross DMC Set-up Meeting 28 Oct 2016 

Ross DMC  volunteers here

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  • Draft Mission Statement, start date, budget here

  • Volunteer groups & typical day  here

  • Pre-publicity here

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This is the first of four sides of A4 distributed at the first volunteer 

meeting on 28 Oct 2016.

"Four" is the operative word.  There were four volunteers. post-AGM appeal

Readers are requested to encourage more volunteers to come forward.


The pages are not on view to readers of the Ross DMC public set of pages and 

therefore are hidden.



Ross DMC Set-up Meeting 28 Oct 2016 

Additional text since meeting is in italics

The first need is to decide/agree:

Who will record Minutes  Anne - to follow

The start date of 11 January  now 1 March

Volunteer Group composition and leadership

  1. Front of house  
  2. Admin
  3. Communication - including publicity
  4. Resources 
  5. Finance

      Missing expertise and resources

                      Subsequent action

That visits to existing DMCs are recommended

An operational budget for Year 1  

       A     To be revised. See foot of page here.

       B    Detail at 6.2.5 here which is included in A

That all legal requirements are met

Special roles    Officers or Core Team

                            Deputy Project Leader  

Immediate registration with Herefordshire

Dementia Action Alliance 

Ross DMC goals draft 

  1. Set up, promote, establish, organise and facilitate a DMC in Ross

  2. Include meaningful activities which offer therapeutic  individual-orientated and group benefit  possibilities

  3. Create a comfortable and safe atmosphere to stimulate members to engage in therapeutic, recreational and social activities relevant to individual and group needs

  4.  Formulate an Activity Plan

  5.  Ensure that the group is appropriately organised and arrangements communicated to members and volunteers.

  6. Ensure that the relevant health & safety checks and risk assessments have been completed.

  7. Recruit and support specialist facilitator(s), eg for a skill session or interest-based activity

  8. Start fund-raising planning

  9. Implement volunteer training.


  1. The team
  2. Recommended reading
  3. Our goals
  4. A typical day
  5. The draft Mission Statement
  6. Pre-publicity
  7. Publicity
  8. Pre-launch
  9. The launch
  10. First review
  11. The immediate future thereafter
  12. Other topics raised by those attending

Deputy Project Leader - draft 

The DPL assumes responsibility for all aspects of the DMC operation in the event of AFH's absence on any day of operation, and at meetings   Early discussion with DC and AFH 

An early visit to A) the Leominster DMC or B) Droitwich DMC advised  The DPL is advised to become a Dementia Champion and to give a dementia talk to the rest of the team

Alan Harrison recommends that he leads the Front of House Group and DPL leads the Communication group

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