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The new Ross Dementia Meeting Centre (DMC)  hopes to open its doors on March 1st, 2017 and will be supported by members of the Ross Mental Health Groupand run under the authority of Dr Simon Lennane at Alton Street Surgery.

The Ross DMC is not limited to dementia and will consider those with other mind and memory ailments.  The DMC will be open every Wednesday, from 11am to 3pm at Christ Church in Eddie Cross Street.  The plans are being driven forward by Professor Alan Harrison who cares for his wife Teresa, who was confirmed as having dementia in 2013.  They visit the Leominster DMC once a week and consider it very worthwhile despite the two hour travel time.  However, Prof Harrison feels that other Ross residents should not have to travel so far to benefit from and enjoy what is, essentially, a right to better local dementia care provision.

The aim of the new centre is to bring together carers and the people they care for, with plenty of activities and reminiscence therapy.  DMCs have been successful in Holland for over ten years. The approach focuses on helping people with dementia, their carers, and their families adapt to living with dementia. It is accepted that just spending time with other carers and people who understand what living with dementia is like can be a big relief.  They will be treated with respect and as well as benefitting from chatting to other carers, will have access to the integrated and personalised services they need to support them in their caring role.

Reminiscence therapy is well-used within DMCs and participants enjoy including their photos and memorabilia in the reminiscence sessions. £ donations and donations which may help to spark memories from local residents, companies and organisations will be very welcome.  Items could include musical instruments (but nothing mouth-blown) old kitchen equipment such as a mincer or washboard, packets from familiar products such as Woodbines, OXO cube boxes, even jewellery, family  games such as Snakes & Ladders or Ludo  vinyl records  or working Meccano models  Any donations can be handed in to River Music at the bottom of Broad Street. 

Volunteers are also needed for all sorts of roles, to meet, greet, to lead activities, carry out admin, to do the catering, and make the most of the premises and the equipment  Retired healthcare professionals or advice workers will be made very welcome.  Specialist roles include coping-skills training and health and safety.    A diagnosis of dementia can be frightening for those affected by the syndrome, their carers and other family members. Learning more about dementia can help.  Anyone with enthusiasm for improving dementia services will be welcome.

Further information for carers, carees and volunteers is available from and
the Ross DMC Leader, Prof. Alan F Harrison.  01989 567001    07952 060505

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