An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world


·       Front of house - working with the group members

·       Admin – records, correspondence, minutes

·       Commitment

·       Communication - including publicity

·       Resources – maximising the premises and equipment

·       Finance - Everything from cash to funding

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Volunteers will need the personal qualities of:

  • A caring and considerate nature
  • A responsible attitude
  • Respect for people’s individuality
  • Composure
  • Decisiveness
  • Empathy and sensitivity
  • Imagination
  • Projection ability
  • A positive attitude
  • Reliability
  • Commitment

3.1 - much edited

Manual - 38.2.2

The Ross DMC carer support programme is structured to encourage carers to gain knowledge of the care process, and dementia itself.  Carers gain the skills within the context of practical, emotional and social support.  Through being able to better deal with new and difficult situations, carers experience less stress and a reduction of the carer burden.  The Dutch experience proves that carers are able to continue their care for a longer time.  This fortunately causes their carees to enjoy delayed entry to residential care.

3.2  - much edited

Manual - 37.5.2

The Ross DMC carer support programme includes helping carers to develop their coping skills.  Coping is the way in which carers adapt within difficult circumstances.   Newly acquired adaptation skills can then be applied to dealing with stress. Part of that is increasing adaptation capacity in the fight to decrease stress.

37.5.2  - 37.5.3 and 2 above - much edited

The ability of any carer to adapt is dependent on internal and external variabless.  

The internal variables include:

Empathy and sensitivity
Projection ability
A positive attitude
One's social skills
One's emotional development
The severity of stress resulting from the carer role 

The external variables include:

The severity of one's caree's cognitive disorders and comorbidities
The efficiency of carer support organisations
The efficiency of Social Services, the NHS, ad infinitum

We will look at external sources of stress such as dementia stigma later.  Here we consider the carer within the carer/caree couple, and the independent caree.  

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