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Dear Jo and team                                                                                                         - 13 Dec email

This page is about the new Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - Ross DMC, and serves as Press Release 1 - PR1.  

PR1 is hoped to be  published on Wednesday 14 December, if you please.  Ross DMC hopes to open its doors on 1 March.  With the RG follow-up support nearer the time within PR2, Ross DMC will have a goodly number of volunteers, a goodly amount of reminiscentce contributions, and, with more luck, some start-up £.    

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Volunteers are needed "on stage" to lead actiivities, to carry out admin, to look after the equipment, and make the most of the premises

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Help yourself to help others when caring for a loved one with Dementia 

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Possibly the most relevant text then was " .. just spending time with other carers and people who understand what living with dementia is like can be a big relief."

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Well, a new opportunity for carers and their carees has arisen in the form of a specialist Dementia Meeting Centre on our doorstep.


RG says this:here

One thing that will help social care and the NHS is by linking in to local non-medical sources of support. Ross-on-Wye is already leading the way on this ‘social prescribing’ model, and the Ross mental health group ((MHG) are exploring the idea of a drop in cafe, as well as local support for people living with dementia and their carers. here

"The Ross DMC has started under the authority of Dr ...."    It's OK having his name on that public page - top right under the right-hand  He, the host Reverend Deborah Cornish, and Prof Alan F Harrison are members of the MHG and prime movers of the Ross DMC.  Alan is the prime mover within the MHG in making Ross a Dementia Friendly Community. here

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Ross Dementia Meeting Centre

DMCs have been successful in Holland for over ten years. The approach is based on outstanding results and is person-centred, focusing on helping people with dementia (carees), their carers, and their families adapt to living with dementia.  Ross DMC results from its leader's strong belief in the continuity of  the too-few UK DMCs and the creation of more. He and his wife attend one on a regular basis and both are convinced that DMCs present the optimum way forward within national dementia services.  She loves her once-a-week sessions even though there's almost an hour of a journey there and a longer one back (rush-hour). 

Ross DMC is an up-to-date version of a daycare centre with important advantages. The huge difference is that carers participate in the wider aspects of the care process, which is person-centred, carer and caree based, and not a one-size-fits-all response. Emphasis is on the opportunity for those with mild to moderate dementia to participate with their carers within a new and carefully planned therapeutic process. Independent carees are equally welcome.  Carees regularly attending DMCs experience higher self-esteem, reduced symptoms of depression, enhanced mood and behaviour, and delay in admission to residential care.  Carees and carers are supported to reduce the dementia burden, and stay mentally and physically well, and are treated with dignity and respect.  

Carers enjoy and benefit from sharing the caring when, normally, it is a one-to-one and lonely activity at home. They benefit from chatting to other carers while their carees are busy and being looked after elsewhere. Their morale is heightened by participating with their peers, and the Ross DMC volunteers, in the care given to their loved-ones, and other carees with dementia. Carers are respected as expert care partners and will have access to the integrated and personalised services they need to support them in their caring role.

The Ross DMC has started under the authority of Dr Simon Lennane at Alton Street Surgery. The Ross DMC initial members include some of the surgery dementia patients.  Other dementia carees and their carers are invited and include independent carees who may live alone or within a family setting without a specific carer. They all are invited to make contact. The Ross DMC is not limited to dementia and will consider those with other mind and memory ailments.  Christ Church in Eddie Cross Street kindly opens its doors to the project on 1 March. Well before that date there will be introductory meetings to ensure a flying start.  Although Ross DMC is to operate on one day (Wednesday) per week from 1100 to 1500, there will be occasional external visits and events on one other day.  

The project donkey-work is being carried out by Prof Alan F Harrison.  He looks forward to project-based assistance  from local residents and project-based support and financial etc assistance from local companies and other organisations.  He and his wife go to the Leominster DMC once a week.   Alan speaks with enthusiastic authority on the benefits of travelling for up to two hours.  However, other Ross residents will not want to travel far to benefit from and enjoy what is, essentially a right to better local dementia care provision. Alan has been carer to his wife Teresa since 2000 and they have been active Ross residents since 2004. Teresa was confirmed as having dementia in 2013 since when Alan has made a study of dementia and improving local care provision.

Volunteers are needed to meet, greet and say farewell.  They will be welcome "on stage" to lead activities.  Other specialist roles are advisory.  Other roles include coping-skills training and health and safety.  Other volunteers are needed to carry out admin, to do the catering, and make the most of the premises and the equipment  Retired healthcare professionals and CAB workers will be made very welcome. Enthusiasm is just as important as experience.  The project also needs meetings-people.  If you have experience of initiating anything at all in your local community, even better.  But that's not a condition. Enthusiasm for improving dementia services is the key requirement.  Please do not hesitate to make contact.  

Come on in Ross residents, companies and organisations!  The first level of help from residents is encouragement.  While in the loft looking for your Christmas cards, please remember the Ross DMC. Reminiscence therapy is well-used within DMCs and participants enjoy including their photos and memorabilia in the reminiscence sessions. Making the most of long-term memory contributes to overall wellbeing.  Sharing memories is a major part of that.  Musical instruments welcomed - nothing mouth-blown thanks. That mincer or washboard in the loft dating from 1940 etc, A Woodbines packet, empty OXO cube boxes, that string of pearls, age-weary Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Happy Families, those vinyl records and long-since used CDs of old songs and music.  Add working Meccano models etc, Dinky toys. You get the idea, don't you. Please don't give clothes in need of carbon dating. However, more-recent fancy dress will be enjoyed again. Please hand everything in at River Music at the bottom of Broad Street (No. 28). Many thanks.

Further information for carers, carees and volunteers is available from and/or

the Ross DMC Leader, Prof. Alan F Harrison.  01989 567001    07952 060505


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Teresa and Prof Alan F Harrison
Dr Simon Benedict Lennane    source

Here is the less-vital text etc

A diagnosis of dementia can be frightening for those affected by the syndrome, their carers and other family members. Learning more about dementia can help.  Ross DMC carers and independent carees can opt to participate in discussion based on sharing their problems and helping each other.  Points of common concern can be identified and the appropriate expertise sought.  Dementia Advisors will be invited at the appropriate time.  Other experts will follow.

Some statistics: the number of carers in 2011 was 5,430,016 and 10% care for someone with dementia.  Around one in nine workers in the UK has caring responsibilities and there must be plenty of them in and around Ross.  To them, we say this: use the Ross DMC and if you can't be there with your caree, ask a family member or friend.  To the company directors, we say this: discuss the opportunities Ross DMC presents with your employee-carers with a view to mutual benefit.  Happy employees demonstrate a happy company.  They'll be even more happy with a cheque to present to Ross DMC!

(((( The Song and music page is fun.  )))))

Oh, we visit other carers when we can
Specially when we come across a man
We’ll help him with his cooking, even more when he’s good-looking
Oh, we visit every man without a pan                                           

   Clap your hands.                                        more

 "The cheese" as it's called at the Leominster DMC is 4ft  on each side.  Members of two teams throw five mice at a time.  

An expensive (£35)  Leominster DMC item prone to puncture.  Ross DMC Shed Talk will come up with plastic tubs screwed to a piece of wood.

         Nothing matterers

         when you're knitters-and-natterers!       The cloth mice will start here.

            Droitwich DMC percussion session   - such visiting specialists cost around £80 a session. 

               Ross DMC asks the Ross community for a variety of people and groups with something to offer to                    visit it    . . . . .

The Leominster and Droitwich DMCs cost £90k a year each to run three days a week, and have dubious future .  Ross DMC has a different and solid future as it runs on an entirely different basis until more permanent funding is applied for.  Then, it will show its success and state what it has achieved, as well as what further aims it has.