An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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You're thinking "£5 each, two of us, times four per month - £40."  It is hoped to reduce that to £24.  Halve that as an independent caree.

We will eat together every day; £5 per head will be pooled towards a shared meal. £1 per head to cover unlimited hot and cold drink has been included.  An anticipated surplus will contribute to materials. The Leominster DMC asks for £3 each and sometimes there's no charge.  It runs with more than £80,000 a year and has three staff.

The Ross DMC endeavours to keep costs to a minimum and funding applications start soon.  The government scissor-hand approach to healthcare funding means that all healthcare organisations (private, government, and charity) are in the queue.   Supporting lunch won't happen. We hope you'll agree that we would probably pay £3 each for lunch at home.  

We hope that carers and independent carees will meet us at the Alton Street surgery in January and acquire a project overview.   More detail about such matters, as well as the broad programme, will be discussed.



Art materials are a small part of what the activity sessions include.  Visiting therapeutic specialists will help , 

We hope to include performers within the Ross community who will contribute. 

However, we're all in the same £ boat.

Knitting needles used normally will be more popular among members than acupuncture needles.  Mavis is trying to tell us something.  Look at the basket contents.  There'll be no acupuncture, of course.

The Ross DMC DIY approach

You will remember from the A day in the life of Ross DMC  page that "the Ross DMC themes include:
  1. Responding to members' wants and needs
  2. Physical and mental exercise, and often combined
  3. Reminiscence
  4. Song and music
A fifth theme will emerge in due course.".

Well, this is it.


The making of the Jenga game you saw mid-page here can be planned by the carers within Ross DMC Shed Talk. The wood will be paid for by the DMC unless enough wood is found in odd corners spread across Ross.  One or two of those corners can be carer sheds and workshops.

                       The big cheese

This measure 4 ft on each side, costs £35 and is prone to puncture. Shed Talk can be consulted.  A 4ft plywood piece is used and several holes are cut.  Yogurt pots are inserted.  Score values are painted.  A demountable strut is added to hold it an angle.  Without it, it rests on the floor according to who is using it. 

Cloth mice made within "Knit and natter" are thrown at it. 

Remove the pots and the frame becomes an archery target - plastic bows and arrows.

Further to the  £80,000 mention at the start of the page, if there's easy money as seen by participants external to the rigmarole of obtaining any funding, beautiful equipment may be taken for granted. 

Ross DMC doesn't see the point of sacrificing comparatively microscopic resources on anything its members will enjoy securing for themselves.

The warm feelings and joy arising from using "our kit" enhances personal wellbeing and group cohesion. 

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