An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                We are engaged in creating these for our DMC members through these as it progresses.

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1        Preamble

2        Publicity

          2.1     External publicity

          2.2    Internal publicity

3   The surgery

4    In conclusion


1        Preamble
  1. Names etc which are personally sensitive, and potentially sensitive to Internet searches are kept to a minimum and initials are used.

  2. The logical Home page is the RDMC  Volunteers Home page here and a much-edited version of the present page might stem from it later.   The Stocktaking page here is a competitor.

  3. The reason for this page being used in this format is mainly due to my being able to edit the ongoing story which could have been conducted by email.   B1 and D3 here apply.  

  4. I repeat that Teresa and I are on holiday from 14 to 22 Nov, and that I will be in contact by phone and by email.  On leaflets.

  5. Which again raises a moot point.  One-way email traffic does the RDMC no good at all.

  6. The meeting held at CC on 9 Nov led to at least one overlapping task.  Publicity.  If I am contacted by the Hon Sec, I will respond.  

2        Publicity

2.1     External publicity

  1. The recently-sent leaflet doc has been revised here.  It has been sent to 1.11, and the two PDs.

  2. Due to 1.7, I will do nothing apart from 2.1.1 until after 22 Nov.

  3. Ideally, that will include me introducing the RDMC to the local newspaper.

2.2    Internal publicity                 
  1. As email-indicated to the two PDs, I will bring 30 on Sunday 13th.  

  2. I won't ask re a further 20 being used as 1.9 applies.

  3. Two aspects are germaine to the heading.  The first is based on no apparent action on the part of CC to promote volunteers coming forward.   

  4. CC members should be requested to broadcast the requirement.  Not just by hiding them in the hymn books but by someone like JP making an announcement while the leaflets are given to each member, with the rider that more are available.  2.2.3 - now that the seed has been sewn. 

  5. The second aspect concerns CC members having a good idea of what the DMC is about so that they can feel involved.  That enhances 2.2.7.

  6. The AGM was the first major announcement within my experience.   A missed opportunity for CC members to identify me with the project by pointing me out.

  7. If JP could say something on the lines of me being present on Sunday and promote me as a source of info, it will enhance the possibility of interaction and more volunteers.

3       The surgery
  1. As indicated by email, Dr L has given me patient names.  Three couples have now met me and have the leaflet and compliment slip.

  2. He is phoning more patients next week.

4       In conclusion
  1. Successful meetings - We are engaged in creating these for our DMC members through these as it progresses.

  2. Only one so far with effectively, four contributors.

  3. Pending DC's return, readers are recommended to read e) here so that some ground work can be done.  If not, do it by email.  A missed opportunity.

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